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OECD Global Forum on Agriculture 2011


Improving Agricultural Market Information and Analysis for Better Policy Decisions and Enhanced Food Security

Paris, France | 28 November 2011


Building on the concerns expressed by G20 agriculture ministers at their June 2011 meeting, the OECD Global Forum on Agriculture 2011 had as its focus improving agricultural market information and analysis for better policy decisions and enhanced food security.

In addition to covering the newly-launched Agriculture Market Information System (AMIS), the Forum looked at the medium-term commodity outlook and scenario analysis, capacity building actions and technical assistance. Discussion centred on how improved market information and outlook analysis can lead to better policy actions and improved policy coherence and coordination in response to future price spikes/ food crisis events.

Participants were encouraged to explore the advantages of international cooperation in such work and look at ways in which governments can better coordinate their policy responses to periodic market shocks so as to mitigate the negative impacts of excessive price volatility.


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Morning Session

The morning session started with a discussion of the role, structure, needs and deliverables of the new, G20 mandated Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) and on the enhanced international policy coordination this initiative is expected to facilitate. Since AMIS will depend heavily on national market information systems, the strengths and weaknesses of these systems were also discussed.



Afternoon Session

The afternoon session looked at the current practices, areas for improvements and opportunities for broader collaborative efforts to better understand longer term market trends, to develop consensus market projections and undertake scenario analyses. In addition, the needs, past experiences and best practices for national level capacity building and technical assistance were examined.



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OECD is contributing actively to the establishment of an Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) called for by G20 agriculture ministers with the aim of addressing food price volatility through more timely, accurate and transparent information on global food markets.
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