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OECD Global Forum on Agriculture 2008


Agricultural Policies in Emerging Economies

Paris, France | 20-21 November, 2008


The Forum will be used to address two specific issues that are of concern to developing countries, and of increasing interest to OECD countries given the prospect of accession by new countries and the Organisation’s enhanced engagement with several important agricultural economies.

The first issue is that of smallholder adjustment policies in middle-income countries. The analysis uses a case study approach to examine how policies can be supportive of development opportunities for smallholders, yet simultaneously prepare for a future in which fewer people are ultimately employed in the sector.

The second issue is that of agricultural policy instrument choice in developing countries, where the main focus will be on the relative efficiency of alternative agricultural policy instruments in raising the incomes of agricultural households. The discussion will be used to guide future work on this topic


Agenda and background documents


Documents and presentations

Session I: Structural adjustment in smallholder agriculture


Session II: The effectiveness of agricultural policies in developing countries


Session III: Agricultural Policies in Emerging Economies: Monitoring and Evaluation


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