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OECD Global Forum on Agriculture 2004


Agricultural Policies in Developing Countries: Information Needs for Effective Policy Responses

Paris, France | 3 December, 2004


Policy makers need a range of information in order to ensure that the needs of poor households are addressed as effectively as possible. In particular, insights into the distributional effects of policy reforms can underpin decisions on the appropriate pace and sequencing of reforms, and help with the design of accompanying policies to help households to adjust, or to mitigate adverse shocks to income. This Global Forum examines what can be done to ensure that the provision of data and analysis can be tailored to policy makers’ needs.


Agenda and summary record


Documents and presentations

  • Morning Session: What information do policy makers need? | English | French
  • Information for Effective Policy Responses (PPT) | English
  • What Information do Policy Makers Need? The Case of Malawi (PPT) | English
  • Le contexte de la prise de décision (PPT) | French
  • Afternoon Session: Institutional responses to policy makers' needs | English | French
  • Describing distributional effects in reforms supported by the World Bank Group (PPT) | English
  • Some of IFPRI's Responses to Policy Makers Needs | English


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