Environment and trade

The work of the Joint Working Party on Trade and Environment (JWPTE)


The mandate of the Joint Working Party on Trade and Environment is to:
  • focus on analytical work, including empirical studies of selected policy areas and economic sectors, aimed at promoting the mutual compatibility of trade and environment policies in practice, in order to contribute to sustainable development, while building on its work to date.
  • focus on those areas where it has the greatest value-added while supporting the activities of other OECD bodies and international organisations, and avoiding duplication;
  • co-operate and liaise with other relevant OECD bodies, and with relevant international organisations including the WTO, UNEP, UNCTAD, ISO, and the Commission on Sustainable Development;
  • consult with Partners in transition, Dynamic non Member economies and developing countries, and provide them with expertise as appropriate;
  • consult regularly as appropriate with both industry and environmental NGOs on environment and trade related matters;
  • advise and report to the parent Committees on new and emerging problems and major issues with respect to trade-environment relationships;
  • assist the parent Committees in ensuring the coherence and consistency of the trade and environment related work being carried out in the various bodies of the OECD;


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