Research programme on biological resources in agriculture

Visions of the Future in Food Production (2017 Open Forum Session)


The Governing Body of the Co-operative Research Programme hosted an open forum at its annual meeting on 1 December 2017 on "Visions of the Future in Food Production".

The programme for this open forum session was as follows:

1. "Synthetic meat production and its environmental and economic potentials" - Mr. Peter Verstrate, MosaMeat B.V., the Netherlands 

2. "Industralising land-based fish farming for a protein-hungry future: an interdisciplinary approach to environmental and economic success" - Mr. Trond-Inge Kvernevik, Niri AS, Fiskevegn AS, Norway 

3."Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agriculture" - Professor David Hughes, Penn State, CIDD, Department of Entomology and Biology, United States 

4. An overview of TAD's work on the OECD Project on "Digital Opportunities in Agriculture"- Ms. Gwendolen Deboe, OECD, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, Natural Resources Policy Division 


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