Research programme on biological resources in agriculture

Agricultural Knowledge Systems: is there a role for the CRP?


The open forum session of the Co-operative Research Programme (CRP) Governing Body meeting on 1st December 2011 was dedicated to Agricultural Knowledge Systems (AKS).


The Programme was as follows (please click on the links below to access the presentations):

• Introduction – Dr. Yvon Martel, Chair of the Governing Body

• Report on the OECD AKS conference held in Paris in June 2011 – Ms. Catherine Moreddu, TAD/PTA

• Intellectual Property Rights issues in AKS – Mr. Hans Dons, Bio Seeds B.V., Wageningen

• Country Case Studies to lead to a discussion on the evolution of science and innovation in two CRP member countries:

Institutional reforms of AKS in New Zealand and International Networks in AKS – Ms. Karla Falloon, New Zealand Ministry of Science and Innovation

Food/agriculture research in the UK – Mr. Mike Collins, UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, CRP Governing Body delegate


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