Research programme on biological resources in agriculture

About the Co-operative Research Programme (CRP)


General Co-operative Research Brochure for 2016-2020


The Co-operative Research Programme (CRP): Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, established in 1979, aims to strengthen scientific knowledge and provide relevant scientific information to feed into future policy decisions related to the sustainable use of natural resources, in the areas of food, agriculture, forests and fisheries.

International co-operation in these fields becomes increasingly important as food production systems are more and more globalised.

 The CRP promotes such international co-operation through funding conferences/workshops and research fellowships related to three themes (green boxes on the schema):


Structure of the CRP with themes for 2016-2020

   Figure 1. CRP Research Schema


Programme actors

  • The Governing Body, composed of a representative from each member country, defines the general orientation of the Programme. It takes the final decision about which applications for conference sponsorship and fellowship awards to fund.
  • The Scientific Advisory Body has an important role advising and assessing applications received, and advising the Governing Body about which applications it thinks merit funding.
  • A network of National Correspondents is responsible for disseminating information about the annual Call for Applications to interested scientists and institutions within their country.



Applicants must be nationals or residents of one of the countries participating in our Programme.



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