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Apply now for Research fellowships and conference sponsorship to be funded in 2017 

The Co-operative Research Programme (CRP) has launched  its call for applications for funding research fellowships and international conferences (workshops and symposia). The CRP supports work on the sustainable use of natural resources in agriculture, fisheries, food production and forestry, and research into new technologies in these areas.

The three new themes for this call are:

- Theme 1: Managing capital for the future

- Theme 2: Managing risks in a connected world

- Theme 3: Transformational technologies and innovation


The deadline for submitting applications is Saturday 10 September 2016, midnight (Paris time).


Agricultural innovation – interview with Ken Ash, OECD Trade and Agriculture Director

Demand for food and feed is increasing worldwide. At the same time, there is greater pressure on land, water and biodiversity. Agricultural innovation, including research and development (R&D) can help boost productivity growth and make more efficient use of available natural resources.

In this interview for the agricultural economics journal EuroChoices, OECD Trade and Agriculture Director Ken Ash explains the role that innovation will play in the future of food.

» Visit the OECD Website to listen to the podcast


2016 Conference Sponsorships and 2016 Fellowships

After a successful call for applications, 8 conferences out of 26 received and 28 international research fellowships out of 62 received have been retained by the OECD Co-operative Research Programme for funding.

Conference Sponsorships



Previous Conference Sponsorships and Fellowships

Information about both conferences/workshops and fellowships funded in 2015-2009 can be found in the links below, including reports from conference organisers and fellows and links to proceedings and/or published papers that came out of the conferences or fellowships.

 Les Vosges

Conference Sponsorships



Conference Sponsorships



Conference Sponsorships


 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012

 Wheat  Conference Sponsorships and Fellowships




Livestock Disease Policies: Building Bridges between Science and Economics

Contagious livestock diseases can cause major harm to human and animal health, to firms, and to consumers and taxpayers. Governments are increasingly acting to prevent and control livestock diseases, while international organisations develop codes, guidelines and programmes to enhance international co-operation and efficient management of diseases. These proceedings of an OECD-OIE conference that the Co-operation Research Programme sponsored and which took place in June 2013 examine how economics and animal sciences can contribute to managing livestock disease risks in an efficient and comprehensive manner.


Challenges for Agricultural Research

Agricultural research continues to confront new challenges, from food security to ecological concerns to land use. An OECD conference highlighted recent major progress in agricultural research outcomes and addressed the challenges that lie ahead. Participants came from all agricultural sectors and included farmers, industry, scientists, decision makers and other stakeholders.

This publication presents the twenty papers delivered at the conference.



Improving Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems

Systems implemented in the second half of the previous century to foster innovation in agriculture are in crisis. New solutions are urgenly needed to face the challenges of food security and climate change while productivity is widely decreasing. The CRP-sponsored conference on Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems, held in Paris from 15 to 17 June 2011, was very opportune in providing a large and comprehensive overview of concepts and experiences that are dramatically changing the approaches and the instruments to support and foster innovation in agriculture.