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OECD Peer Review of the Fruit and Vegetables Quality Inspection System in Spain


Spain’s Peer Review primarily focuses on the fruit and vegetable export and import quality inspection system. Spain is the largest exporter of fruit and vegetables in the world. The Spanish fruit and vegetables quality inspection system is well organised in order to manage the large amount of produced and traded fruit and vegetables. The system has to accomplish two main objectives; the promotion of Spanish fruit and vegetables abroad; and, compliance with all responsibilities determined by Spain’s membership in the European Union and in other intergovernmental organisations such as the OECD Fruit and Vegetables Scheme. The Peer Review examines the implementation of the quality inspection system for exports, imports and the EU internal market, as well as the electronic data management system and the integration of different types of inspections. Moreover, the Peer Review also outlines recommendations on possible further improvements in the Spanish quality inspection system such as organizing joint training programmes for the inspectors of Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (SOIVRE) and the Regional Ministries of Agriculture. This would lead to a higher level of harmonization between the two systems. Spain developed a remarkable electronic information system (ESTATICE) which supports a smooth implementation of inspection, manages databases and risk assessment systems, allows the distribution of information and provide surface for multi-way communication. The Peer Review Team suggests to other Members to take into consideration the Spanish electronic information system.

The Peer Review is part of a series of reviews of national fruit and vegetables systems undertaken within the programme of work of the OECD Fruit and Vegetables Scheme. The main objective of the Scheme is to facilitate international trade through the harmonisation of the implementation and, interpretation of marketing standards. Moreover, it provides a complete, internationally harmonised export quality inspection system for member countries, as well as guidelines and explanatory brochures of international quality standards for fruit and vegetables.

This Peer Review and other publications of the Scheme are available on the official OECD website:


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