Standards for seeds, tractors, forest, fruit and vegetables

How to participate in the activities of the Scheme for the application of international standards for fruit and vegetables ?


As the OECD is an International Governmental Organisation, countries only can become members of the Scheme via a request by their Government to the Secretary-General of the Organisation.  Participating countries are obliged to establish within three years of joining the Scheme, an export quality control of the produce in accordance with the guidelines defined by the Scheme, by virtue of which they participate in the Scheme.  Participation in the Scheme is open to any member of the United Nations or one of its specialised agencies or the World Trade Organisation which desires to participate therein as regards all or some of the produce concerned and is willing, as an export country, to conform with the standards adopted by the Scheme and, as an importing, to recognise them as standards which are to applied to exported fruit and vegetables produced in the country of origin.  Any country desiring to participate in the Scheme shall notify the Secretary-General.

International or regional non-governmental organisations having an interest in the work of the Scheme may become observers by requesting this status to the Secretary-General of the Organisation.


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