Standards for seeds, tractors, forest, fruit and vegetables

About Fruit and Vegetables


The other objectives of the Scheme are:

- the promotion of the use of an internationally recognised control certificate;
- the improvement of the conditions for maintaining the quality of produce during transport and handling;
- the promotion of international standardisation of packaging (1) and labeling (2);
- the improvement of the conditions and quality assurance operations.


(1) Recommendation of the OECD Council on the Standardization of Packaging for the International Transport of Fresh and Refrigerated Fruit and Vegetables C(76)124 final

(2) Recommendation of the OECD Council concerning General Provisions for the Labeling and Identification of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables C(72)100 final.

 The Scheme is open to any member country of the World Trade Organisation or the United Nations or one of its Specialised Agencies, which desires to participate therein as regards all or some of the produce concerned. 25 countries currently participate in the Scheme. International organisations and NGOs also participate as observers in the meetings of the Scheme.


 The activities of the Scheme help producers, traders and quality inspectors by:

- developing and revising standards in co-operation with the UN/ECE;
- developing with explanatory brochures of standards with photos;
- developing tools for gauging the skin colouring of various products;
- providing guidance for the application of quality assurance and inspection systems.


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