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An OECD Tool Kit for Trade Policy Makers - Updates


An OECD Tool Kit for Trade Policy Makers

Responding to the Doha Development Agenda


This CD ROM Tool Kit provides a valuable tool for governments and the public to enhance their understanding of trade policy issues and negotiating procedures in the context of the Doha Development Agenda (DDA). It puts together OECD work related to the DDA and is a contribution to co-ordinated international efforts to strengthening trade-related technical assistance and capacity building in favour of developing countries.












The Tool Kit contains over 40 OECD analytical publications and reports on trade policy issues of relevance to the DDA. Also included are a series of video presentations made during an OECD Global Forum on Trade workshop held in Hong Kong, China on 19-20 June 2002. The workshop focused on the "Development Dimensions of the Singapore Issues" (trade and investment, trade and competition, transparency in government procurement, and trade facilitation).


This webpage provides access to DDA analytical work that was finalised after the CD ROM Tool Kit was released. Users are invited to visit this site regularly to obtain the most recent analytical work done by the OECD on DDA issues.


The analytical material are classified under the following themes:

  • Advocacy of the Benefits of Open Markets
    -- Open Markets Matter
    -- Open Services Markets Matter
    -- Agricultural Trade Liberalisation
  • Addressing Development Countries' Concerns
    -- Development Dimensions of Trade
    -- Capacity Building
  • Market Access
  • Disciplines for Export Credits
  • Trade in Services
  • Trade and Environment
  • Regionalism
  • Trade-related Intellectual Properties (TRIPs)
  • Trade and Investment
  • Trade and Competition
  • Transparency in Government Procurement
  • Trade Facilitation

The OECD analytical publications and reports contained in the CD-ROM Tool Kit were selected among the trade documentation already available to the public and accessible through the Documentation section of the Trade Topic  on the OECD website. Users have access to a wider selection of trade-related materials through the website than the CD-ROM, which focused on trade policy issues of relevance to the Doha Ministerial Declaration. For the complete list of documentation on the Tool Kit, click here .


Updates to the Tool Kit

Recently released analytical material on:

  • Trade and Environment:

Uncertainty and Precaution: Implications for Trade and Environment

  • Trade and Competition:

"Core Principles" in A Trade and Competition Context

  • Trade and Agriculture:

Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries: A Positive Reform Agenda

  • Regionalism:
Regional Trade Agreements and the Multialteral Trading System



Trade & Environment

Please note the following correction in the link for the document:
Methodologies for Environment and Trade Reviews

Export Credits

Please note a correction to the French version of the "Arrangement on Guidelines for Officially Supported Export Credits". In paragraph 1.a), the words "République Tchèque" should be read between "Nouvelle-Zélande" and "Suisse".


Distribution Policy

Given that the objective of the CD ROM Tool Kit is to enhance capacity building on trade policy issues, the Tool Kit has been distributed free-of-charge to government representatives of developing countries. However, all OECD Member Countries have received limited copies of the Tool Kit for their own technical assistance purposes. 

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