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  • 22-August-2008


    Biofuel Support Policies: An Economic Assessment

    High levels of policy support for biofuel contributes little to reduced greenhouse-gas emissions and other policy objectives, while it adds to a range of factors that raise international prices for food commodities.

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  • 29-May-2008


    Press Conference for the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2008-2017, remarks by Angel Gurría

    According to the OECD Secretary-General, the current international food crisis is a global challenge and agricultural commodity prices should remain high and grow more volatile in the next decade.

  • 6-July-2007


    The Food Economy: Global Issues and Challenges

    On 18-19 October 2007 the OECD Directorate of Trade and Agriculture, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and the Dutch Agricultural Economics Research Institute organised the 2nd Conference on the policy and research agenda of the future food supply chain.

  • 21-August-2006


    The Doha Development Round of trade negotiations: understanding the issues

    More open markets have brought economic benefits to a broad range of countries over the years, including many in the developing world. How can the Doha Development Agenda talks on further opening up markets in agriculture, industrial and consumer goods, and services be made to live up to their name? Who stands to gain from more open markets and less government support in agriculture? How can developing countries make the most of new

  • 27-June-2005

    English, , 1,757kb

    2005 OECD Agricultural Outlook Tables, 1970-2014

    A complete set of tables containing historical data from 1970 and projections to 2014 is available.

  • 3-May-2005


    Trade and Structural Adjustment: Sectoral Case Studies in Agriculture and Fisheries

    Studies of the Mexico-USA avocado trade; Australian dairy industry; Chilean agro-food sector; Kenyan cut flower sector; agricultural reform in New Zealand; fisheries in Denmark and seafood in Thailand.

  • 1-November-2003

    English, , 227kb

    OECD Agricultural Outlook 2003 - 2008, Statistical Tables of the Highlights in MS-Excel

    Economic assumptions, World prices, Main policy assumptions for cereal marketsWorld cereal projections, Main policy assumptions for oilseed markets, World oilseed projections, Main policy assumptions for meat markets, OECD meat projections, Main policy assumptions for dairy markets, ...

  • 6-February-2003


    OECD Conference to Explore Changes in the Food Economy, The Hague, 6-7 February 2003

    This conference provided an overview of the recent changes in economic structure and behaviour of the food economy and its implications for the policy debate in this area.

  • 12-December-2002


    Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries: a Positive Reform Agenda

    OECD analysis has provided ample evidence of the shortcomings that plague many current farm policies. This report takes the next step and suggests where to go from here. It shows that countries can reap the gains of market-orientation and open tr...

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