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Agricultural Policy and Trade Reform: Potential Effects At Global, National and Households Levels


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A recent report shows that a simultaneous reform involving a halving of trade protection and domestic support across all sectors could potentially generate USD 44 billion in welfare gains globally. Most of these gains arise from agricultural reform and most of these agricultural gains come from reform of market access measures.
The report finds that almost all countries gain overall. Those with the highest levels of support and protection would benefit most from such reforms. The most efficient agricultural exporters would also gain significantly. But for many developing economies the immediate benefits would be relatively small and would be concentrated more in manufacturing than in agricultural trade.

Agriculture policy and trade reform: potential effects at global, national and household levels, assesses the impact of greater liberalisation on producers and consumers. By identifying the groups who may become worse off following such reforms, the report gives governments the opportunity to design policies to help them adjust.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Part I. Global, National and Household Level Effects of Trade and Agricultural Policy Reform

Chapter 1. Extent and Composition of Agricultural Support and Trade Protection
Chapter 2 Global Market, National and Sectoral Impacts
Chapter 3. Household Level Impacts
Chapter 4 Conclusions and Policy Inferences
Annex I.1 Overview of the GTAPEM Model
Part. II Case Study Summaries of Household Level Impacts
Chapter 5.  Brazil
Chapter 6.  Italy
Chapter 7.  Malawi
Chapter 8.  Mexico
Chapter 9.  United States

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