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Workshop on Risk Management in Agriculture, 22-23 November 2010


Risk Management in Agriculture:
Towards Effective Policies

OECD Conference Centre, Paris
22-23 November 2010

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The Thematic Reviews of Risk Management in Agriculture are now available in the OECD Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Working Papers series:

Australia | Canada | Netherlands | New Zealand | Spain

Risk management has become a major policy issue in recent and on-going agriculture policy reforms both in OECD countries and in developing countries. The OECD Committee for Agriculture has been working on the issue of risk management for sometime; recent efforts have focused in particular on developing a holistic framework for the analysis of risk management policies in agriculture and on undertaking related empirical research. It is time to share the results of this work with other researchers and policy makers and to seek expert feedback.

A holistic framework means that consideration needs to be given to the interactions and trade-offs among all risks, strategies and polices, avoiding a narrow focus on single specific risks or risk management tools; there is evidence that both risks and responses have strong interactions with each other. It also means that we will attempt to layer the risks according to the different policy responses they may deserve; for instance, efficient policies for catastrophic, marketable and normal risk layers will typically differ.
Several OECD reports serve as background documents for this workshop (

For more details on the issues to be discussed on the workshop please see the issues paper document. The purpose of this issues paper is to outline the focus and structure of planned discussions, with a view ultimately to clarify key policy implications and directions for further work.

Attendance at the workshop is subject to the availability of places.

For background documents and further information on the themes of this workshop, visit our webpage on risk management in agriculture:

 Sessions and presentations




Introduction by Ken Ash, Director of TAD

Session 1:
What risks in agriculture? A forward looking assessment

Chair: Nicola Shadbolt, Massey University (New Zealand)


John Quiggin, University of Queensland (Australia) on “Implications of climate change for agricultural risks and their management”; (PDF, 357 KB)
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Alex Gohin, INRA (France) on “Price risk and volatility: Why is it similar or different to other risks?” (PDF, 123 KB)

Funing Zhong, Nanjing Agricultural University (China) on “Policy risk: some lessons from public stock holding in China” (PDF, 259 KB)

Céline Giner (OECD Secretariat) on “Relative importance of different sources of risks and their interactions” (PDF, 1.609 KB)

Discussant: Robert Dismukes, ERS (US)

Session 2:
How can policies enhance farmers’ management of normal risks?

Chair: John Quiggin, University of Queensland (Australia)


Nicola Shadbolt, Massey University (New Zealand) on “Risk management on the farm: what farmers do and could do?”

Barry Goodwin, North Carolina State University (US) on “Countercyclical payments that mitigate income or revenue variability: Are they effective?”  (PDF, 1.498 KB)

David Freshwater, University of Kentucky (US) on “Farm household income risk management: off-farm income and non-sectoral specific policy tools” (PDF, 1.419 KB)

Discussant: David Sparling, University of Western Ontario (Canada)

Session 3:
Policies that underpin the development of market tools

Chair: Barry Goodwin, North Carolina State University (US)


Olivier Mahul, World Bank, on “Agricultural insurance: policy experiences to improve the efficiency of insurance markets” (PDF, 571 KB)

Jean Cordier, Agrocampus (France) on “Futures markets: How can they contribute to risk management in agriculture?”  (PDF, 166 KB)

David Sparling, University of Western Ontario (Canada) on “Other market tools to manage risk through the food chain” (PDF, 483 KB)

Discussant: Kyosti Pietola, Agrifood Research Finland (MTT)

Session 4:
Good governance of catastrophic risks

Chair: Olivier Mahul, World Bank


Alan Johnston, Assistant Commissioner, Productivity Commission (Australia) on “Drought policy in Australia: how to improve it and the role of the Productivity Commission” (PDF, 578 KB)

Alberto Garrido, Research Centre for the Management of Agricultural and Environmental Risks, Technical University of Madrid (Spain), on “Subsidized insurance and public private partnerships for the management of catastrophic risk: strengths and weaknesses”  (PDF, 841 KB)

Piero Conforti/ Federica Angelucci (FAO) on “Management of risk in agriculture in developing countries” (PDF, 275 KB)

Frank Alleweldt (Civic Consulting) on “Managing animal diseases risk: incentives and governance of external effects” (PDF, 263 KB)

Discussant: Marcel van Asseldonk, LEI Wageningen Univesity and Research Center (The Netherlands)



Sessions 5:
Policy implications from OECD countries studies on Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain

Chair: Frank van Tongeren, Head of PTA Division

Review of Australia: Shingo Kimura, OECD (PDF, 1.092 KB)

Review of Canada: Jesús Antón, OECD Secretariat (PDF, 1.052 KB)

Review of the Netherlands: Olga Melyukhina, OECD Secretariat (PDF, 734 KB)

Review of New Zealand: Olga Melyukhina, OECD Secretariat (PDF, 680 KB)

Review of Spain: Jesus Anton, OECD Secretariat (PDF, 867 KB)

General discussion

Session 6:
Policy Round Table on “Experiences and new challenges on risk management in agriculture”.

Chair: Ken ASH, director of the Trade and Agriculture Directorate.

Rapporteurs: Chairs of sessions 1 to 5


Joe Glauber, Chief Economist, USDA

An open and interactive discussion amongst the panelists and audience.


 Practical information


For further information on this workshop and the OECD project on risk management in agriculture, contact:
Jesús Antón (E-mail:; Marina Giacalone (E-mail:

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OECD Global Forum on Agriculture on 29-30 November 2010


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