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  • 13-September-2012


    Innovation: Economic crisis and weak outlook hit R&D, says OECD

    Business spending on research and development has been hit hard by the economic crisis, with nearly all OECD countries seeing a fall in investment which could impact innovation and long-term growth, according to a new OECD report.

  • 28-August-2012


    Livestock Diseases: Prevention, Control and Compensation Schemes

    This overview of the management of risk due to livestock diseases focuses on government policies relating to livestock health systems and compensation scheme designs, and includes case studies of Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands and Viet Nam.

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  • 23-August-2012


    A Comparative Study of Risk Management in Agriculture under Climate Change

    This paper reviews the scientific literature on the impacts of climate change on yield variance and investigates their implications for the demand of crop insurance and effectiveness of different farm strategies and policy measures using crop farm data in Australia, Canada and Spain.

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  • 12-June-2012


    Sustainable Agricultural Productivity Growth and Bridging the Gap for Small-Family Farms

    This inter-agency report to the Mexican G20 Presidency examines practical actions that could be undertaken to sustainably improve agricultural productivity growth, in particular on small family farms.

  • 2-March-2012


    Agricultural Policies for Poverty Reduction

    Over two-thirds of the world's poor live in rural areas. This book sets out a strategy for raising rural incomes - a prerequisite for sustained poverty reduction and reduced hunger.

  • 23-February-2012


    Improving Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems: OECD Conference Proceedings

    How can government policies move towards increasing agricultural innovation and improving productivity? This OECD conference shared case studies and ideas from Europe, China, United States, India, Africa, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

  • 22-February-2012


    Agriculture in a Global Context

    To nourish the world population in 2050, we must increase food availability by 70 to 100%. This means that we need to engineer a shift towards policies that support innovation, productivity and sustainability and that provide farmers with the skills they need to grasp the opportunities of strong demand and high prices.

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  • 6-December-2011


    Fostering Productivity and Competitiveness in Agriculture

    Ensuring stronger productivity growth is essential in responding to increased demand for agricultural products. This report looks at developments in productivity and competitiveness in the agricultural and food processing sectors, focusing on research and development (R&D).

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  • 17-November-2011


    Modelling the Distributional Implications of Agricultural Policies in Developing Countries

    No untargeted agricultural policy intervention is pro-poor within the rural economy, says this study of farm households in Bangladesh, Ghana, Guatemala, Malawi, Nicaragua and Vietnam using the new Development Policy Evaluation Model (DEVPEM).

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  • 7-November-2011

    English, , 211kb

    Risk Management in Agriculture: What Role for Governments?

    Agricultural risk management policies should focus on catastrophic risks, according to this overview. Managing normal risk should be the preserve of farmers themselves, not of government policy.

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