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  • 8-November-2005


    Agriculture and Development: The Case for Policy Coherence

    Agriculture and Development: The Case for Policy Coherence defines the ‘where’ (country impact), ‘how’ (most damaging forms of support), ‘which’ (commodity aspects) and ‘who’ (household effects) of agricultural policy reform. It treats the effects of four main categories of OECD country agricultural policies: domestic, trade, regulatory, and development co-operation policies. In each case it identifies the implications from the

  • 31-October-2005


    OECD Review of Agricultural Policies - Brazil

    This review measures the level and composition of support to Brazilian agriculture, and evaluates the effectiveness of current measures in attaining their objectives. The study finds that Brazil provides much lower support to its agricultural sector than most OECD countries. However, a large and increasing share of that support is provided in the form of credit subsidies; support which could be more productively oriented to areas such

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  • 21-June-2005


    Workshop on Environment, Resources and Agricultural Policies in China, 19-21 June 2006, Beijing

    Workshop on Environment, Resources and Agricultural Policies in China - Beijing, China 19-21 June 2006

  • 28-September-2004


    Achieving Ukraine's Agricultural Potential: Stimulating Agricultural Growth and Improving Rural Life - September 2004

    This study provides a review of the food and agricultural sector in Ukraine and was prepared as a joint undertaking of the World Bank, the OECD and the Government of Ukraine.

  • 8-July-2004


    Workshop on Enhancing Competitiveness in the Agro-food Sector: Making Policies Work - 16-17 June 2004

    The OECD/Baltic Workshop on "Enhancing Competitiveness in the Agro-Food Sector: Making Policies Work", brought together about 80 participants.

  • 16-June-2004


    Analysis of the 2003 CAP Reform

    This report contains an analysis of changes to the Common Agricultural Policy agreed by European Member States in June 2003.

  • 7-June-2004


  • 26-May-2004


    Rural Finance and Credit Infrastructure in China - April 2004

    China’s rural economy has made enormous progress over the last twenty-five years. But rural finance and institutional reforms are still lagging behind, thus creating the risk of slowing down further rural development.

  • 13-October-2003


    OECD Workshop on Rural Finance and Credit Infrastructure in China – 13-14 October, 2003

    Establishing a comprehensive and efficient rural credit system providing finance for both the commercial (agricultural and non-agricultural) sector of the rural economy and small-scale farming, is among the most pressing issues on China’s reform agenda today.

  • 1-October-2003


    Agricultural and Rural Development Policies in the Baltic Countries - October 2003

    Low incomes and high unemployment in rural areas are issues of concern to policy makers in all countries.

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