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Livestock disease policies: Building bridges between science and economics


Workshop on livestock disease policies
Building bridges between science and economics

3-4 June 2013

Sponsored by the OECD's
Co-operative Research Programme
  With the participation of
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

Full Proceedings / Highlights

Contagious livestock diseases can cause major harm to human and animal health, to firms, and to consumers and taxpayers. Governments are increasingly acting to prevent and control livestock diseases, while international organisations develop codes, guidelines and programs to enhance international co-operation and efficient management of diseases. The economic costs, such as compensation for culling of animals, can be high and difficult to predict. The evolution of a disease or outbreak can also be uncertain. Economists, epidemiologists and policy makers need to communicate clearly with each other to ensure better policies for managing livestock diseases. Conference participants examined how economics and animal sciences can contribute towards managing livestock disease risks in an efficient and comprehensive manner.  

Agenda   / Issues for discussion 

1. Livestock disease management as a complex multidisplinary problem 

Kurt Zuelke,  How epidemiology and animal health science can help to identify and inform policy options

Lovell Jarvis and Pablo Valdes-Donoso, Economic analysis of animal health issues: A guide to critical thinking

Nigel Gibbens, Challenges faced when integrating advice from epidemiologists and economists to inform policy makers


François Le Gall, Managing livestock diseases as part of global public health


4. Moral hazard and externalities

Christopher Wolf, Livestock disease indemnity design: Considering asymmetric information

David Hennessy, Biosecurity externalities and indemnities for infectious animal diseases


5. Experiences on cost-sharing and public-private  partnerships

Frank Alleweldt,  Cost-sharing in compensation schemes for livestock epidemics

Miranda Meuwissen and Marcel A.P.M. van Asseldonk, European Union subsidies: A catalyst for epidemic disease market loss insurance? 

Alejandro Acosta, Linking policy and market incentives for the control of animal diseases outbreaks


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Livestock diseases: Prevention, control and compensation schemes

This report is an overview of the management of risk due to livestock diseases, a potentially catastrophic type of risk that can have strong external effects given its links to the food chain and to human health.

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