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Country Total Support Estimate (TSE) and derived indicators in Table 1 cover all agricultural production, i.e. all agricultural commodities produced in the country. Definitions of basic data sets refer to the specific name of the programmes with the official French name in brackets. For the Producer Support Estimates (PSE) and Consumer Support Estimates (CSE), the description of policy measures indicates the commodities covered by the measures, as well as the method of allocation of the corresponding transfers among commodities. "MPS commodities", which vary across countries, are those for which market price support is explicitly calculated in Table 2.

Market Price Support (MPS) and Consumer Support Estimates (CSE) by commodity in Table 2 are calculated for the following commodities: wheat, maize, barley, oats, rapeseed, sugar, milk, beef and veal, pigmeat, poultrymeat, sheepmeat, wool and eggs. Definitions are provided only for basic data sets from which all the other data sets in this table are derived, following the formula indicated in each commodity table.

Producer Support Estimates (PSE) by commodity in Table 3 are calculated only for the commodities produced in the country within a common set of commodities (wheat, maize, barley, oats, rice, sorghum, soybeans, sunflower, rapeseed, sugar, milk, beef and veal, pigmeat, poultry meat, sheep meat, wool and eggs), provided that the value of production of that commodity exceeds 1 per cent of the total value of production in the country concerned. All data sets in the calculation of PSE by commodity come from Tables 1 and 2 where definitions are included.

Definitions of the indicators, criteria of classification of programmes included, and methods of calculation can be seen in OECD, Methodology for the measurement of support and use in policy evaluation [http://www.oecd.org/agr/policy].

Table 2. SWITZERLAND : Market Price Support and Consumer Support Estimate by commodity


I. Level of production

Crops: Total farm level production ("Verwendbare Produktion der Pflanzenkulturen") during the crop year. Reference data sources [2] and [5].

Milk: Total milk production during the calendar year ("Gesamte Versorgungsbilanz der Vollmilch"). Reference data sources [2] and [5].

Meat: Total farm level production during the calendar year ("Verwendbare Produktion von Fleisch"). Reference data sources [2] and [5].

Eggs: Total production of eggs in the shell ("Betriebsbilanz der Hühnereier"). Reference data sources [2] and [5].

II. Producer price

Crops and livestock: weighted average price received by farmers ("Erzielte Produzentenpreise landwirtschaftlicher Erzeugerpreise"). Reference data sources [2] and [5].

IV. Level of consumption

Crops and livestock: total consumption during the year ("Nahrungsmittelversorgung der Schweiz nach Nahrungsmittelgruppen und -arten"). Reference data source [2] and [5].

VII. Reference prices

Wheat, maize, other grains, oilseeds, sugar: unit value of import obtained from reference data sources [1] and [2].

Milk: New Zealand average farm-gate price adjusted for fat content and transport cost.

Beef and veal: unit export value in extra-EU trade of meat of bovine animal, fresh, chilled and frozen (code 0111, SITC, Rev. 3) [4].

Pigmeat: EU reference price (Unit export value in extra-EC trade of pigmeat) [4].

Poultrymeat: unit export value in extra-EU trade of 70 per cent chickens, frozen (NIMEXE Code 020203 and, since 1989, weighted average of NC 02071015 and NC 02072110 of external trade statistics), calendar year [4].

Sheepmeat: EU import price of frozen New Zealand lamb, grade PM, c.i.f. UK, calendar year, net of slaughter and freezing costs, plus 30 per cent adjustment to account for the difference in weight and quality between frozen New Zealand lamb and fresh UK lamb [3].

Eggs: unit export value in extra-EC trade of poultry eggs in shell, fresh or preserved, other than eggs for hatching (NIMEXE Code 040514 and since 1988 NC 04070030 of external trade statistics), calendar year [4].


[1] Bundesamt für Außenwirtschaft, Bern.

[2] Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft, Bern.

[3] European Commission.

[4] EUROSTAT, COMEXT databank.

[5] Schweizerischer Bauernverband, Statistische Erhebungen und Schätzungen, Brugg, various issues.