Trade and Agriculture Directorate

131st Session of the Trade Committee - Agenda


Section A:  Core items for discussion

1.    Trade policy message to Ministers from the Chairman of the Trade Committee

The Chairman has prepared a short draft text, contained in document TD/TC(2001)4, in which he has taken into account views expressed by Delegations in recent Trade Committee meetings. Delegates are invited to offer further guidance for the preparation of this message, which would follow the recent practice of taking the form of a Message from the Chairman.

2.    Programme of work and budget 2001-2002: Revisions for 2002

Delegates are invited to review a document which describes activity and budgetary adjustments envisaged for the Programme of Work and Budget 2001-2002.

Section B:  Other items for discussion or decision

3.    Recent important developments in trade and trade policy

As at each Trade Committee meeting, Delegates are invited to share information and discuss recent developments in policies or practices that may significantly affect trade relations or the functioning of the multilateral trading system. If possible, Delegates are encouraged to notify in advance to the Secretariat issues or topics that they wish to address. 

4.    Report of the Joint Working Party on Trade and Environment

The biannual report on the activities of the Joint Working Party on Trade and Environment. It is sent in parallel to the two parent committees -- the Environment Policy Committee (EPOC) and the Trade Committee. EPOC already agreed to its declassification at its meeting on 26 March 2001. Delegates are invited to comment on the report and to agree to declassify the report under the responsibility of the Secretary General.

Section C:  Items for information or discussion

5.    Discussion on development issues: preparation for the brainstorming with DAC Delegates  

Delegates may wish to highlight the issues they would want to bring out during the Informal Brainstorming session with DAC Delegates, scheduled for the afternoon of 24 April.

6.    Policy coherence and poverty reduction

A representative of the Development Co-operation Directorate will introduce the document on Policy Coherence for Poverty Reduction, which presents the "checklist," developed on the basis of the paper prepared by Mr. R.A. Cornell. The checklist will be submitted (as an Annex to the Guidelines on Poverty Reduction) to the DAC High Level Meeting on 25-26 April for adoption. The checklist will also be submitted for endorsement in the context of the OECD Council Meeting at Ministerial Level in response to its mandate of last year to produce such a checklist.

7.    Work in progress

The Secretariat will update Delegates on developments in ongoing. The Chairman of the Working Party of the Trade Committee, Mr Robert Newton, and the Secretariat are at the Trade Committee’s disposal to answer any questions that Delegates may wish to raise. 

* * *

Informal Brainstorming with DAC Delegates

The Informal Brainstorming represents the first occasion on which Delegates to the Trade Committee and the Development Assistance Committee have been able to discuss their ongoing work on trade and development-related issues. Work on these issues has benefited from close co-operation between the two Committees and their Secretariats. Mr. Mike Moore, Director General of the WTO, will attend the session and deliver a keynote address.


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