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Member of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) since 1968.

Statistics from the Development Co-operation Report 2014

DCR 2014 Switzerland

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In 2013, Switrzerland provided USD 3.2 billion ODA (preliminary data), which represented 0.47% of gross national income (GNI) and a 3.4% increase in real terms from 2012. It is the 8th largest donor of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) in terms of ODA as a percentage of GNI. Switzerland is committed to deliver 0.5% of its GNI as ODA by 2015 and is on track to meet this target. Switzerland’s share of untied ODA (excluding administrative costs and in-donor refuge costs) was 93% in 2012, compared with the DAC average of 81%. The grant element of total ODA was 100% in 2012.

Peer review findings

Latest evaluation report

Switzerland’s aid volume was USD 2.02 billion in 2008, an increase of more than 6% over the previous year, and a total of 0.42% of its gross national income (GNI). In 2008 it had already surpassed its Monterrey commitment to contribute 0.4% of its GNI to ODA by 2010. Switzerland should adopt a 0.5% target for its aid, keeping in mind the 0.7% UN target.

The evaluation of the Swiss Agency for Development's instruments in fragile and conflict-affected contexts found that Switzerland is well positioned to work in fragile states and can play a valuable role in the wider international system. To achieve this potential, the agency needs to become more flexible and needs to compliment its technical efforts with political positioning.

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