Food security, systems & resilience

The Secretariat's work on food security, systems and resilience focuses on preventing and managing crises, and analysing how transformations in the food economy can boost economic growth and employment. 

Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA)

The Secretariat strengthens the impact of the RPCA on regional decision-making bodies and increases its international visibility. Together with CILSS, the Secretariat organises the two RPCA statutory meetings and ensures the running of the Network.  more

Global Alliance for Resilience (AGIR) - Sahel & West Africa

The Secretariat facilitates dialogue and advocacy for the Global Alliance for Resilience (AGIR) - Sahel and West Africa. It notably helps implement the Regional Roadmap, supports the process of formulating national resilience priorities and facilitates a consensual approach for resilience impact assessment.  more

Food system transformations

The Secretariat conducts analyses on the transformations taking place in the regional food economy, with a focus on the development of the agri-food economy, employment, rural-urban linkages, urban food insecurity and how these impact food and nutrition security.  These analyses – which include policy implications and possible solutions – contribute to the debates of  SWAC’s policy networks.  more