AGIR - Experts Group Meeting


AGIR experts group

Some 50 key stakeholders of the AGIR Sahel-West Africa initiative gathered at an experts group meeting on 7 and 8 November 2012 in Paris in order to discuss the content of a draft roadmap for the implementation of AGIR. There was a general consensus that AGIR should be developed within existing regional frameworks and help support the implementation of the regional food and nutritional security agenda. Based on a time horizon of 15 years, the objective is to reduce the total population of facing structural food and nutritional insecurity by at least two-thirds and to lower the rate of acute malnutrition to below 10% in the target countries. Further discussion will take place on specific strategic objectives, priority actions and target populations.

About AGIR | Draft Roadmap | Conclusions & List of Participants | Launching Ceremony


AGIR - UEMOA Commissioner Ibrahima Diémé  ECOWAS Commissioner Lapodini Marc Atouga‌  AGIR - Secrétaire exécutif du CILSS, Prof Alhousseini Bretaudeau 
 Seyni Hamadou, Chargé de l'agriculture, UEMOA  Tchambakou AYASSOR, Directeur de l’Agriculture et de la Sécurité alimentaire, UEMOA  Mahalmoudou HAMADOUN
Coordonnateur du Programme Régional d’Appui-Sécurité Alimentaire-Lutte contre la Désertification-Population et Développement, CILSS
 Amadou Mactar KONATE, Expert Sécurité alimentaire, CILSS  Dr. Yacouba SANON, Point Focal RPCA, CEDEAO  Pierre HAAS, ECOWAS, Assistant technique AFD Sécurité Alimentaire, Agriculture
 Sibiri Jean Zoundi, Laurent Bossard, SWAC Secretariat  ‌  M. Paul DOCTEUR
Direction des Statistiques et de la Production Agricole, Tchad
 Boubacar ILLIASSOU, Directeur, Direction Régionale du Développement Agricole, Niger
 ‌Anne-Laure JEANVOINE, Biens publics mondiaux, Ministère des Affaires étrangères, France  Max-Olivier GONNET, Sous-directeur de la sécurité alimentaire, France
   Monique CALON, Senior Policy Advisor, The Netherlands  Susan THOMPSON, Acting Team Leader, Agriculture and Food Security, USAID/AFR/SD
 Andrew MCCOUBREY, DFID  AGIR - Dr. Marwan LADKI, Hub Rural  Jorge OLIVEIRA, Food Security/NRM Advisor, USAID - ANRO
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