The SWAC Secretariat



The OECD-based Secretariat is in charge of implementing the Club’s work programme, providing services to its Members and facilitating Working Groups and dialogue with its Members as well as other stakeholders.


The Team


Laurent Bossard


Jean Sibiri Zoundi

Principal Administrator

Food Crisis Prevention and Management  


Marie Trémolières

Programme Officer

West African Futures (WAF), security and development

Philipp Heinrigs

Programme Officer

West African Futures (WAF) 

Léonidas Hitimana

Programme Officer

West African Futures (WAF) 

Julia Wanjiru                                    

Communications Officer   

West Africa Gateway, newsletter, media, OECD-internal relations 



Jamila Yahi

Administrative Officer 


Anne Hamilton

Assistant to the Director

Sylvie Letassey






Key functions

  • Carrying out media-monitoring in both the region and the international environment;
  • Implementing a communication strategy for the region and Members;
  • Co-ordinating the working groups on the main lines of the work programme;
  • Co-ordinating long-term prospective reflection processes;
  • Facilitating the involvement of West African regional organisations in OECD work that is relevant to strategic areas for West Africa;
  • Producing an annual report on the region and the actions of Members,
  • Organising and leading a dialogue based on specific themes; 
  • Organising the Club Forum;
  • Fostering synergies between the Club and the OECD.