SWAC News- February 2009



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> Regional Livestock Forum

> Regional Cocoa Initiative

> Climate Change in the Sahel Region

> Resources for Development

> Regional Challenges of West African Migration

> Policy Coherence for Development and Migration

Director's Editorial

While most of the attention is focused on the impacts of the global economic crisis on Africa, the recent political events in Guinea and Guinea-Bissau just add to a long list of “sources of concern”. Mediation efforts led by ECOWAS prove the existence of a regional peacekeeping system, but are these efforts sufficient to find a solution to these crises? > read on…

Building a Network of Livestock Organisations

Interview with Dr. Ibrahima Aliou, APESS Secretary-General

The deep-seated changes of traditional pastoral systems require the ability to significantly adapt: demographic growth contributes to intensifying demand and exerts pressure on production capacities; unfair competition from imported meat (dumping) hinders local production’s competitiveness. Indeed, livestock breeders cannot meet these challenges individually; which is why APESS’ mission is so important. The livestock professionals’ strength will depend on their capacity to become mobilised within one powerful livestock movement. > read on…


Regional Livestock Forum

Niamey (Niger), 29 January – 4 February 2009

Organised by the SWAC Secretariat and ECOWAS, the Forum’s aim was to share the results of the initiative “and Challenges for Strengthening the Regional Market” and adopt measures to better optimise the livestock’s potential in the region. Discussions enabled participants to prepare draft guidelines which were adopted by ECOWAS ministers. Recommendations shall be transformed into an Action Plan by 2010 in the framework of the ECOWAS Common Agricultural Policy. In particular, these proposals intend to promote and intensify intra-regional trade, improve food security and strengthen the organisation of the livestock chain. > learn more


Regional Cocoa Initiative

OECD Headquarters, 9 February 2009

The SWAC Secretariat hosted the first Task Force meeting of the regional initiative on “Combating the worst forms of child labour on West African cocoa farms”. The Task Force members discussed the conclusions of a preparatory desk study (French) taking stock on all existing programmes. On this basis, an outline for a complementary regional initiative was developed involving all stakeholders. > read the conclusions


Climate Change in the Sahel Region

At the initiative of France and the UK, the SWAC Secretariat will be launching a study on the possible security implications of climate change on the Sahel region. This study will be conducted between April and December 2009. It will describe the Sahel region (past climatic evolutions, settlement patterns, natural resources, impact of human actions, historic issues, etc.) and analyse the linkages between climate evolutions and “tensions, crisis and conflicts” witnessed in this area over the past decades. Findings of this preliminary analysis and policy implications will be discussed at a scientific workshop which will be organised in a Sahelian country with the participation of key stakeholders. The final study will be presented at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.



West African Studies

West African Perspectives: Resources for Development (French)

This joint SWAC/ECOWAS publication explores West African resources (natural and economic resources but also social, cultural and human capital) from a regional perspective. It also gives the floor to six West African personalities who offer their views on the region’s future. The full “West Africa Report” (French version) is available on the SWAC website at:





West African Studies

Regional Challenges of West African Migration: African and European Perspectives (French)

Drawing on contributions by international experts on various aspects of West African migration, this SWAC publication provides another perspective to current debates essentially focusing on security issues. The authors encourage "win-win" mobility for all regions involved (Europe, North Africa and West Africa). > learn more



Policy Coherence for Development and Migration

High-level Parliamentary Conference

Brussels, 12 February 2009

The SWAC Secretariat used this opportunity to promote its two flagship publications on migration (West African Mobility and Migration Policies of OECD Countries Regional Challenges of West African Migration) and present its work on migration dynamics in West Africa. > learn more


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