West African Perspectives


Resources for Development

November 2009

ISBN:  978-92-64-05975-7


This joint SWAC/ECOWAS publication conducts a cross-cutting analysis of the main development challenges in the region and offers suggestions on how to meet them. It provides an overview of West Africa’s abundant resources, examining not only economic and natural resources but also human, social and cultural capital. Finally, it presents the perspectives of six West African personalities involved in the development of their region.


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 Foreword | Acknowledgment

 For what purpose?

  • To present an analysis framework for regional integration in West Africa.
  • To provide a place for strategic thinking to help West African countries and actors be better prepared to face future common challenges.

 For Whom?

  • As an information source available for researchers, students, the media and all those interested in this region.
  • As a decision-making tool for local, national and regional actors (public, private and civil sectors) as well as their development partners.


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