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An OECD book series analysing West African development issues from a regional perspective.



Covering current political, economic and social trends in West Africa.



West African Challenges

Synthesizing the state of the debate and addressing various development challenges in the region.


Annual Reports

Taking stock of activities conducted by the Sahel and West Africa Club Secretariat


 Mémoires d’avenir inspirées par Anne de Lattre

 Did Anne de Lattre, who passed away at age 85 on 11 July 2012 really leave us? Her friends, former colleagues and associates contend through their contributions to this book that she in fact did not. The ‘mother of the Sahel’, free spirit and founder of the Club du Sahel in 1976, entrusted all who worked alongside her during her great career with the responsibility of always thinking forward.

“One may have concerns and be aware of risks, but these must not overshadow our hopes” she wrote in the early 90s, adding “I will, therefore, make this act of faith: let us trust in intelligent progress; human history has taught us that it is possible. Let us trust that countries of the Sahel can accomplish this and that we can help them do so. We really have no other choice”.



AGIR Regional Roadmap

April 2013

This roadmap provides a Regional Guidance Framework setting forth the overall objectives of the Alliance for Global Resilience (AGIR) - Sahel and West Africa. It will serve as the basis for formulating national resilience priorities (through inclusive dialogue, building on existing and planned policies and programmes). These national priorities will also include operational frameworks for funding, implementation, monitoring and assessment.


RPCA Policy Note: Food Security and Nutrition in the Sahel and West Africa

April 2013
This Policy Note presents the main recommendations from the 28th RPCA Annual Meeting which was held within the framework of the first Sahel and West Africa Week from 4-6 December 2012 in Ouagadougou. Network members assessed the regional food and nutritionalsituation and prospects, and made recommendations for national, regional and international policymakers. This year's thematic focus was placed on the topic of"water management and food security". Moreover, the RPCA meeting provided the framework for the launching of the Global Alliance for Resilience - Sahel and West Africa (AGIR).

Forum CR _EN

SWAC Forum Summary Conclusions: Settlement, Market, Food Security

Ouagadougou, 7 December 2012

This summary record presents key messages of the Forum's thematic presentations while highlighting the main issues of debate. Three major proposals were put forth: Proposal 1: Integrate settlement in food security policies; Proposal 2: Standardised regional database; and Proposal 3: Synergies between regional and international organisations. Participants also highlighted the need to organise regular meetings involving all actors working in the area of settlement and food security.



Ouagadougou, 4-6 December 2012
Network members gathered at the 28th RPCA annual meeting to assess the regional food and nutrition situation and perspectives, and make recommendations for national, regional and international policymakers. This year’s thematic focus was placed on the topic of “water management and food security”. Moreover, the RPCA meeting provided the framework for the launching of the Global Alliance for Resilience Initiative – Sahel and West Africa (AGIR). > learn more


Colloque sur le complexe sécurité et développement

Key lessons from the SWAC Colloquium on the Security-Development Nexus

Paris, OECD, 12 June 2012

This paper analyses the links between local insecurities and global threats, the collusion between terrorism and transnational organised crime, the shortcomings of democracy in the region, and the role of West African and African peace and security mechanisms. A special section on Mali features a speech by Mali’s Ambassador to France and an overview of economic and social conditions in northern Mali. The paper makes a strong case for regional responses to West Africa’s security-development challenges and calls for policy actors to seek long-term solutions rather than resorting exclusively to more expedient short-term fixes.



2012 Annual Report


Nigeria Country Profile


Burkina Faso: a new investment framework for agriculture