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No.19: Contemporary Civil-Military Relations in the Sahel | Download


No.18: Political settlements with jihadists in Algeria and the Sahel | Download


No.17: Identifying the factors driving West African migration | Download

West African Papers

The West African Papers explore African socio-economic, political and security dynamics from a regional and multidisciplinary perspective. They seek to stimulate discussion and gather information to better anticipate the changes that will shape future policies. The series is designed for a wide audience of specialists, development practitioners, decision makers and the informed public. Papers are available in English and/or French, and summaries are available in both languages. Initiated by the Sahel and West Africa Club (SWAC) to highlight and promote West African issues, the work presented is prepared by its Secretariat, Members and partners, other OECD departments, related international organisations, associated experts and researchers.


Contemporary Civil-Military Relations in the Sahel

Political settlements with jihadists in Algeria and the Sahel

Identifying the Factors Driving West African Migration

Incentives and Constraints of Informal Trade Between Nigeria and its Neighbours

Disentangling urban and rural food security in West Africa

Agriculture, Food and Jobs in West Africa

Gender Inequality in West African Social Institutions

The unstable foundations of political stability in Chad

Defying the odds? Nigerien responses to foreign and domestic security challenges

Wars and Conflicts in the Sahara-Sahel

Agricultural market activity and Boko Haram attacks in northeastern Nigeria

The Cost of High Food Prices in West Africa

The Wave of Jihadist Insurgency in West Africa

Cross-border Co-operation Networks in West Africa

Cities and Spatial Interactions in West Africa

West African Food Systems and Changing Consumer Demands

Women's Roles in the West African Food System

Climate Impacts in the Sahel and West Africa

Emerging Opportunities in the West African Food Economy