Of the 9.6 million people in need of food and nutrition assistance in the Sahel and West Africa (March-May 2017), some 7.1 million live in Nigeria: 3.2 million in Borno State, 800 000 in Adamawa State and 600 000 in Yobe State and the rest in other northern states. Some 44 000 more Nigerians currently face the threat of famine, mostly in Borno State. If urgent humanitarian assistance does not reach the zones that are still inaccessible, this number is likely to increase to 50 000 people by June-August 2017. Today, beyond the issues of funding, the key challenges are the protection and access of humanitarian actors to Boko Haram-controlled territories. Authorities have a month to two-month window to avert a famine in the non-accessible areas. Download

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