SWAC Strategy and Policy Group Meeting


SWAC Headquarters, Issy-les-Moulineaux 

 13-14 September 2007

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At the last Strategy and Policy Group (SPG) meeting held in Berlin in January 2007, SPG members suggested that the next SPG meeting could take the form of a workshop on the five-year orientation plan of the Sahel and West Africa Club (SWAC). The information note "Contributions to Discussions on the Orientations of the 2008-2012 Work Plan" served as reference for the exchange of views on the content of the SWAC Work Plan for the 2008–2012 period.


The workshop's aims were to:

  • Discuss the transformations underway in West Africa and implications for SWAC
  • Take stock of activities and key results of the SWAC’s 2005-2007 work period
  • Exchange views on the future orientations of the SWAC’s 2008-2012 Work Plan


  • SPG members feedback on SWAC work orientations
  • Roadmap for the development of the SWAC's Work Plan 2008-2012

The summary record of the meeting will soon be available.


  • SWAC's financial partners
  • SWAC's West African partners and other development partners of the West African region
  • Representatives of the West African diplomatic community based in Paris
  • Members of the OECD Development Cluster


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