Strategy and Policy Group meeting, 11 June 2012


Strategy and Policy Group meeting, June 2012

‌On 11 June, SWAC Members took stock of the implementation of the 2011-12 Programme of Work and Budget and outlined future work prospects for the 2013-14 period. They also discussed a proposal for a revised Mandate and the renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Club and the OECD. Thematic presentations focused on the regional governance of food security and initial findings of the West African Futures programme.

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Work Orientations 2013-2014

Members had previously requested that the Secretariat meet with the ECOWAS and UEMOA Commissions, as well as the CILSS Executive Secretary, to reflect on key orientations of the 2013-2014 Programme of Work. A brainstorming meeting was subsequently held on 9 May in Ouagadougou at the UEMOA Commission headquarters. The three regional organisations formulated their concerns and had proposed two strategic axes that were submitted to the SPG:

  1. Food crisis prevention and management: One key objective which could be set for the Club is to help strengthen West African leadership in the governance of regional food security by supporting: i) a renewed and more ambitious RPCA; ii) the implementation of the Charter for Food Crisis Prevention and Management; iii) the implementation of the regional food reserve; iv) the implementation of the AGIR initiative.

  2. Analysis of potential sources of conflict and crisis: Within the Club, the West African regional organisations would like to improve their analytical capacity to anticipate potential sources of crisis and conflict as well as to promote policy dialogue on these issues. The choice of themes and geographic focus should be discussed further within the SPG. The following themes are under discussion: pastoralism, agricultural land, cross-border water resources, natural resources and cities.


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