Restricted RPCA meeting, OECD headquarters, 8-10 April 2013


RPCA avril 2013

Members of the Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA) discussed the final results of the 2012/13 agricultural campaign and made recommendations to protect the most vulnerable populations. The Senior Experts' Group examined the Regional Roadmap of the Global Alliance for Resilience (AGIR) which was then approved by all stakeholders. 

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Food, agricultural and pastoral situation

RPCA food situation march 2013‌The latest figures from the 2012-2013 agricultural campaign indicate a gross cereal production of 54.6 million tonnes, an increase of 10% compared to 2011-2012 and 15% compared to the five-year average. Production has increased in all countries compared to the five-year average, except in Nigeria (-8%) and in The Gambia (-17%). In the Sahelian countries, cereal  production is estimated at 22.5  million tonnes, consituting a 37%  increase compared to 2011-12 and 34% compared to the five-year  average. Production in Chad and Mauritania has increased by more than 50% compared to last year. Analysing vulnerability in the six Sahelian countries, RPCA Members stressed the urgent need to undertake humanitarian activities, especially in the Kidal, Gao and Timbuktu regions of Mali, the Seno province in Burkina Faso and the departments of Tilaberi and Tera in Niger. > Communiqué

AGIR Senior Experts' Group Meeting (SEG)

Within the framework of the RPCA meeting, the Senior Experts' Group of the Global Alliance for Resilience (AGIR) reviewed the Regional Roadmap. It outlines the main orientations and priorities for the implementation of the Alliance, which was launched in December 2012 in Ouagadougou. EU Commissioner Piebalgs joined Sahelian and West African high-level representatives as well as other technical and financial partners at the closing ceremony where AGIR stakeholders officially approved the AGIR Regional Roadmap.

AGIR Partners' Meeting

On the margin of the meeting, the international partners of the AGIR Alliance met on 9 April 2013 to discuss and set-up co-ordination mechanisms within the international community, in accordance with the expectations expressed under paragraph 33 of the AGIR Regional Roadmap. Development partners decided to establish a Co-ordinating Platform of Technical and Financial Partners (PTFP/AGIR) to support the implementation of the Alliance and facilitate the co-ordination of their actions in the area of resilience within the 17 member countries of ECOWAS, UEMOA and CILSS. Based on a joint inventory of partners' current resilience-building interventions, the PTFP platform will analyse interventions underway in order to improve the co-ordination and effectiveness of actions at all levels. The EU will facilitate the co-ordination of this new platform, which brings together the main technical and financial partners active in the West African region. 

Opening Statements (French)

Adoption of the AGIR Regional Roadmap (French)




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