Second Working Group Meeting: Settlement, Market, Food Security


WAF 2nd meeting

2‌7-28 October 2011, OECD Headquarters 

At the second working group meeting, participants discussed questions raised in the West African Futures (WAF) briefing notes, and defined next steps. More particularly, working group discussions led to an agreed methodology for constructing a harmonised settlement database that covers the period from 1950 to 2050 and distinguishes between urban and rural, food producing and non-food producing, and formal and informal populations. This database will be used as a basis for retrospective and prospective demographic and economic analyses of food and agricultural issues. It will also enrich the analysis of trends and policies.

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Presentation of the Programme


Expected Results



H.E. Yaya Sow, ECOWAS Ambassador to the EU and the ACP group

Seyni Hamadou, Agriculture Officer, UEMOA Commission

Dr. Rui Silva, Director, Agriculture Department, ECOWAS Commission

Prof. Alhousseini Bretaudeau
Executive Secretary, CILSS Secretariat

Claude Tchamda, Specialist in price statistics, AFRISTAT

Prof. Dieudonné Ouedraogo, Geographer, University of Ouagadougou

Dr. Ismael Fofana, IFPRI, Office for West and Central Africa

Léonidas Hitimana, Programme Officer, SWAC Secretariat

Laurent Bossard, Director, SWAC Secretariat




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