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The International Survey of Scientific Authors (ISSA) targets authors who have published in scientific peer-reviewed journals. It aims to collect information on their activities from the underpinning research to its ultimate outcomes, covering the review, publication and dissemination processes.


The first pilot: ISSA1 on Open Science

The first pilot of ISSA aimed at informing policy-relevant questions on the subject of open access to publications and research outcomes and the potential implications of open science.

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The Second pilot: ISSA2 on digitalisation of science

The second pilot of the International Survey of Scientific Authors (ISSA2) will aim at collecting statistical evidence on the use of digital tools for science and on their impact on different scientific activities. The digitalisation of science has a broad number of dimensions that have been reflected in recent OECD work.

The adoption of new ICTs is having major impacts on the processes underpinning the collection, generation, access, use and reuse of research and scientific material. ICTs are not only modifying the way scientific material is generated, collected and stored, but also helping promote deeper analysis of data through new software and applications. These allow a faster and more exhaustive use of data in scientific research as well as encourage the adoption of different research paradigms which raise a broad number of issues of relevance to all stakeholders with an interest in the governance of science. The pervasive use of data and data tools raises questions about research integrity and incentives. The development of ICTs has been in turn propelled by scientific applications, raising also questions about the role of science as a driver of digitalisation.

The second pilot of the International Survey of Scientific Authors will be launched in the second half of 2017. The Results will be disseminated in the first quarter of 2018.


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