Science and technology policy

The Joint OECD-Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs Conference on Globalisation and Open Innovation


Steinberger Kurhaus Hotel
The Hague
The Netherlands

This international conference on "Globalisation and Open Innovation" examined trends in globalisation and "open" models for innovation in firms as well as implications for policy making.  It was organised under the auspices of the OECD working party on Innovation and Technology Policy (TIP), a subsidiary of the OECD Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP).


Global competition in product markets together with technological progress have shortened the life-cycle of products, placing additional pressure on firms to find new and more rapid ways to innovate. Consequently, companies source R&D across firm boundaries, extending the value-chain upstream as well as downstream. This new strategy towards R&D is embodied in the so-called Open Innovation model. The old “closed innovation” model of vertically integrated R&D that developed technology for the firm’s sole use has given way to a more open system of innovation, augmenting or supplementing internal R&D with technology acquired from external sources. In the new paradigm of “open innovation”, firms have restructured themselves to exploit external knowledge and technology from universities, public R&D institutes, SMEs, start-ups and spin-offs as well as many other private and public sources.  In contrast, many public policies to support innovation focus on creating incentives for firms to build in-house innovation capacity.


The Conference brought together academic experts, technology managers and business representatives, policy makers and other government officials with an interest in science, technology and innovation policy.  The Conference sessions were organised as follows:

  • Presentations by leading academics and business experts on Open Innovation 
  • Presentations of case studies of companies implementing Open Innovation in a global context
  • Discussion with policy makers and industry leaders




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