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  • 28-November-2011


    The OECD RIHR Workshop on Transferable Skills Training for Researchers: Supporting career development and research

    This workshop brought together experts and delegates to discuss the results of a RIHR policy questionnaire on current training arrangements for transferable skills and to “brainstorm” future policy directions.

  • 18-October-2011


    China-OECD Roundtable on Innovation Policies (Beijing, 18-19 October 2011)

    The roundtable will focus on three policy issues of common interest to China and OECD countries: governance of national innovation systems, management of public research, and demand-side policies for innovation.

  • 29-September-2011


    Public Research Institutions: Mapping Sector Trends

    Public research institutions (PRIs) are crucial for innovation due to their role in knowledge creation and diffusion. This publication provides new information on PRIs and government strategies, showing how they have evolved.

  • 20-September-2011


    OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2011: Innovation and Growth in Knowledge Economies

    The STI Scoreboard analyses the major trends in knowledge and innovation in today’s global economy. With over 180 indicators it presents a policy-oriented review of science, technology, innovation and industrial performance in OECD and major non-OECD countries.

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  • 20-September-2011


    Science and technology: falling patent quality hits innovation, says OECD

    The quality of patent filings has fallen dramatically over the past two decades. The rush to protect even minor improvements is overburdening patent offices and reduces the potential for breakthrough inventions, according to the Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2011.

  • 12-September-2011

    English, , 768kb

    Collaborative Mechanisms for Intellectual Property Management in the Life Sciences

    This report discusses ways in which both the public and private sectors are seeking to evolve from an “own and protect” model of intellectual property into an era of “own and share”, where value accrues not just to the initial owner of IP, but also to larger society as a whole.

  • 5-August-2011


    OECD Guide to Measuring the Information Society 2011

    This guide provides the statistical definitions, classifications and methods to measure and compare the information society across countries. It provides a standard reference for statisticians, analysts and policy-makers in the field.

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  • 1-August-2011


    The Space Economy at a Glance 2011

    This book assembles information on the space economy from a wide range of official and non-official sources. Together these paint a richly detailed picture of the space industry, its downstream services activities, and its wider economic and social impacts.

  • 7-July-2011

    English, , 103kb

    ISIC Rev. 3 Technology Intensity Definition

    This document contains a summary of the technology intensity aggregates used in STAN.

  • 15-June-2011


    Public Consultation - Draft OECD Recommendation on Assessing the Sustainability of Bio-based Products

    The Recommendation seeks to assist both OECD member and non-member countries in the development of appropriate sustainability assessment methodologies for bio-based products.

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