Latest Documents

  • 11-March-2004


    Business Dynamics in Europe (STI Working Paper 2004/1)

    This study presents evidence on firm entry and exit, growth and survival derived with new data from Eurostat, covering nine European Union member countries.

  • 9-January-2004


    Science and Technology Statistical Compendium 2004

    The S&T Statistical Compendium 2004 looks at the state of science and technology in the OECD across four broad dimensions: innovation and R&D; human resources in science and technology (HRST); patents; and other areas (ICT, globalisation, industrial structure).

  • 3-November-2003


    Carbon Dioxide Emissions Embodied in International Trade of Goods (STI Working Paper 2003/15)

    This paper explores trade in goods by creating an indicator that estimates CO2 emissions related to domestic demand for 24 countries (responsible for 80% of global CO2 emissions) as a complement to the more common emission indicator used in the Kyoto Protocol

  • 1-November-2003


    Comparing Labour Productivity Growth in the OECD Area: The Role of Measurement (STI Working Paper 2003/14)

    This paper examines how measurement problems affect international comparisons of labour productivity.

  • 31-October-2003


    An Overview of Biotechnology Statistics in Selected Countries (STI Working Paper 2003/13)

    As biotechnology becomes increasingly viewed as a strategic sector, the need for reliable statistics from which informed policy decisions can be made grows. This report provides an update on the biotechnology industry, based on primarily official statistical sources.

  • 29-September-2003


    Governance of Public Research: Toward Better Practices

    This report addresses issues related to governance of public research, describes the challenges and provides evidence of the reforms that have been developed. Good practices are highlighted and policy lessons are drawn.

  • 29-June-2003


    Availability and Characteristics of Surveys on the Destination of Doctorate Recipients in OECD Countries (STI Working Paper 2003/9)

    As far as we know, there is no study that identifies databases on the destination of doctorate recipients, including at international level. This report has two objectives: to review existing statistical sources in the OECD countries, and discuss their comparability.

  • 27-June-2003


    Targeting R&D: Economic and Policy Implications of Increasing R&D Spending (STI Working Paper 2003/8)

    This paper examines the factors that have contributed to the growing popularity of R&D spending targets and analyses in more detail the economic and structural consequences of achieving the increased levels of R&D spending.

  • 25-June-2003


    Productivity Growth in Service Industries: An Assessment of Recent Patterns and the Role of Measurement (STI Working Paper 2003/7)

    This paper examines recent patterns in productivity growth of service industries and analyses the role of problems in measuring service productivity growth on industry and aggregate productivity growth.

  • 24-June-2003


    Measuring Investment in Software (STI Working Paper 2003/6)

    This paper reviews a set of recommendations describing a harmonised method for estimating software.

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