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  • 30-June-2006


    Valuation and Exploitation of Intellectual Property (STI Working Paper 2006/5)

    This paper examines recent evidence and also reviews macroeconomic statistics related to the development of technology markets. It examines approaches to the valuation of patents and the policy initiatives undertaken by OECD countries to foster patent valuation and exploitation.

  • 22-May-2006


    Tax Treatment of Business Investments in Intellectual Assets: An International Comparison (STI Working Paper 2006/4)

    This paper examines the tax treatment of corporate expenditures on selected intellectual assets and develops an indicator of the relative generosity of tax systems in OECD countries to such investments.

  • 22-May-2006

    English, , 849kb

    OECD Biotechnology Statistics 2006

    The 2006 edition OECD Biotechnology Statistics includes data for 23 OECD countries and two observer countries, plus China (Shanghai), and takes a major step forward in improving the comparability of biotechnology indicators among countries.

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  • 2-May-2006


    Global Overview of Innovative Activities from the Patent Indicators Perspective (STI Working Paper 2006/3)

    This paper provides an overview of innovative activities across a wide range of OECD member and non-member countries, based on internationally comparable patent indicators.

  • 27-April-2006


    Workshop on Researcher Careers for the 21th Century (Madrid, Spain), 26-27 April 2006

    This joint OECD-Spanish government workshop on "Researcher Careers for the 21st Century" aimed to address key issues on researcher careers. A summary of the workshop is available here.

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  • 20-March-2006


    Research Use of Patented Knowledge: A Review (STI Working Paper 2006/2)

    This paper outlines factors that may affect the ability of researchers to access patented inventions for legitimate research purposes. It reviews evidence of access limitations and explores options for the formulation of research exemptions that balance research use and patent holders' rights.

  • 6-March-2006


    Productivity Impacts of Offshoring and Outsourcing: A Review (STI Working Paper 2006/1)

    Despite the attention that offshore outsourcing currently demands in the public media, there is little empirical evidence on its economic impact. This paper surveys the empirical literature on offshore outsourcing and its productivity effects.

  • 27-February-2006


  • 13-January-2006

    English, , 371kb

    ICT Access and Use by Households and Individuals: Revised OECD Model Survey

    This paper presents a revision of the 2002 OECD model survey on ICT use by households and individuals.

  • 16-December-2005

    English, , 426kb

    ICT Use by Businesses: Revised OECD Model Survey

    This paper presents a revised OECD model survey on information and communication technology (ICT) use by businesses.

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