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International Policy Conference on "Intellectual Assets and Innovation: Value Creation in the Knowledge Economy", Ferrara (Italy)


20-22 October 2005, Ferrara (Italy)

The conference "Intellectual Assets and Innovation: Value Creation in the Knowledge Economy", jointly organised by the University of Ferrara and the OECD, was held on 20-22 October 2005 at the Ferrara Fiere e Congressi, Via della Fiera, 11, Ferrara (Italy).

Intellectual assets such as R&D, human capital, intellectual property, software and organisational capabilities and procedures, brands and reputation play an increasingly important role in value creation and contribute significantly to improve the economic performance of firms, research organisations, public sector bodies and countries.

The aim of the conference was to better understand how value is created in the knowledge economy and explore ways to improve reporting on value creation from intellectual assets. Experts and business practitioners exchanged information on best practices, identified the ways in which firms and other organisations are harnessing intellectual assets for performance in the knowledge-based economy, and drew implications for policy makers.

For further information please see the conference website.


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