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CSTP Expert Workshop on Fostering Innovation to address Social Challenges


Expert Workshop on Fostering Innovation to address Social Challenges


Hosted by OECD, JST-RISTEX and MEXT (Japan) in collaboration with: The Research Council of Norway (Norway), Interministerial Knowledge and Innovation Programme-Directorate (The Netherlands), and The Centre for Technology and Society (Germany)




Dr. Harayama, Professor, Tohoku University (Overall Chair).
Dr. Iain Gillespie, Head of the Science and Technology Policy Division, OECD.
Mr. Tateo Arimoto, Director-General, Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST-RISTEX) (Co-organiser and Host).


Keynote presentations: Key Issues in fostering Science, Technology and Innovation to Address Social Challenges

Mr. Kimikazu Iwase, Deputy Director-General, Science and Technology Policy Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (On behalf of Steering Group).
Mr. Alan Marcus, Director, Information Technology & Telecommunications, World Economic Forum.


Session 1: Changes in Research and Innovation to Address Social Challenges

Presentations on how and why research and innovation to address social challenges have been gaining importance, followed by discussant comment and general discussion.


Session Chair: Mr. Jean-Claude Burgelman, Advisor, Directorate General for Research, Directorate Science, Economy and Society, European Commission (EC).
Case presenter: Dr. Martti af Heurlin, Deputy Director General, Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Finland.
Case presenter: Prof. Matteo Bonifacio, Policy Adviser, the Bureau of European Policy Advisers on Research, EC.
Discussant: Dr. Jörg Potthast, Postdoc Resarch Fellow at University of Siegen/Ecole des Mines, Germany/France.

Session 2: Barriers to Research and Innovation for Solving Social Challenges

Presentations were on the barriers to mobilising research and innovation to social challenges and the causes. Followed by discussant comments, general discussion and a rapporteur’s summary.


Session Chair: Ms. Karen de Ruijter, Program Manager, Innovation Agendas on Societal Issues, Interministerial Knowledge and Innovation Programme-Directorate, The Netherlands.
Case presenter: Dr. Jeroen Bartelse, Director of the Interministerial Knowledge and Innovation Programme-

Directorate, The Netherlands.
Case presenter: Dr. Jan-Peter Voss, Head, Research Group Innovation in Governance, Centre for Technology and Society, Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany.
Discussant: Dr. Masaru Yarime, Associate Professor, Graduate Programme in Sustainability Science (GPSS) Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo.

Rapporteurs’ Day 1 summary.


Session 3: A range of instruments for stakeholder involvement

Presentations were on various instruments for stakeholder involvement followed by discussant comments and general discussion.
Session Chair: Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel, Director, The Centre for Technology and Society; CEO, Nexus Institute for Cooperation Management and Interdisciplinary Research, Germany.
Case presenter: Geneviève Drolet, Foresight and priority-setting counsellor, Quebec Science and Technology Council, Canada.
Discussant: Dr. Young-Bae Chang, Associate Research Fellow at Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI), Korea.

Session 4: A range of instruments to encourage the development of high performance research teams and their successin research and innovation for solving social problems

Presetations were on country examples of research teams harnessing innovation to address social challenges followed by discussant comments and general discussion.

Session Chair: Ms. Elisabeth Gulbrandsen, Special Adviser, Division for Strategic Priorities, Department for Future Technologies, The Norway Research Council.
Dr. Nica Ando, Associate Fellow, JST-RISTEX, Japan.
Dr. Merle Jacob, Research Director, Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, University of Oslo, Norway.
Dr. Arnaud Mourot, Director, Ashoka France, Social Entrepreneurship, France.


Session 5: Wrap-up and Next Steps

Chair: Dr. Harayama, Professor, Tohoku University, Japan
This session reflected on earlier sessions, considered policy implications and identified what needs to be done in preparation for the next CSTP workshop in the Autumn (9-10 November 2009).

Rapporteurs' Closing Summary


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