Science and technology policy


  • Open Science

    Open science commonly refers to efforts to make the output of publicly funded research more widely accessible in digital format to the scientific community, the business sector, or society more generally. Open science is the encounter between the age-old tradition of openness in science and the tools of information and communications technologies (ICTs) that have reshaped the scientific enterprise and require a critical look from policy makers seeking to promote long-term research as well as innovation.

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  • Science Advice

    Science advice plays an increasing role in the formulation of policy. Governments require scientific evidence in a wide range of situations, from long-term policy development through to urgent crisis management.

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  • OECD Space Forum

    The Forum aims to assist governments, space-related agencies and the private sector to better identify the statistical contours of the growing space sector worldwide, while investigating the space infrastructure’s economic significance and potential impacts for the larger economy.

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