Working Papers

  • 22-May-1998

    English, , 112kb

    Content as a New Growth Industry (STI Digital Economy Paper 37)

    This paper provides an initial analysis of the main issues in network-based production and delivery of music and audio-visual services content, providing a more comprehensive comparative analysis of new network-based services by main content-producing information and entertainment industries.

  • 30-April-1998


    Measuring Electronic Commerce: International Trade in Software (STI Digital Economy Paper 39)

    This report aims to outline the issues associated with measuring electronic commerce, propose an initial framework and begin to compare some of the disparate data so as to form a mosaic which gives a clearer quantitative picture of the current status and future direction of electronic commerce.

  • 30-April-1998

    English, , 150kb

    Measuring Electronic Commerce: International Trade in Software (STI Digital Economy Paper 36)

    Electronic commerce is creating a new mode of delivering new types of products in a global market in which geographical boundaries and location lose their meaning.

  • 7-April-1998

    English, , 96kb

    Internet Voice Telephony Developments (STI Digital Economy Paper 35)

    Internet telephony is a voice service over the Internet. It is different from the present telephony service which is transported over the circuit switched public telephone network because Internet telephony is transported using Internet protocols over packet switched networks.

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  • 1-April-1998

    English, , 610kb

    Internet Traffic Exchange: Developments and Policy (STI Digital Economy Paper 34)

    This paper aims to increase awareness of how traffic exchange occurs on the Internet and how infrastructure and financial interconnection arrangements (including peering and transit) to accomplish traffic exchange are developing.

  • 1-January-1998


    Relative Trade-Weighted Unit Labour Costs by Industry (STI Working Paper 1998/1)

    This document presents three alternative methods for the construction of indicators of relative trade-weighted unit labour costs by industry, as well as the empirical results based on these methods for 18 OECD member countries.

  • 1-January-1998

    English, , 82kb

    Electronic Commerce: Prices and Consumer Issues for Three Products: Books, Compact Discs and Software (STI Digital Economy Paper 32)

    Rapid technological advances in information and communication technologies and their widespread diffusion have led some to speculate about "frictionless" economies where transaction costs are nearly zero, barriers to entry and contestability disappear and markets clear instantly.

  • 15-December-1997


    Revision of the High-technology Sector and Product Classification (STI Working Paper 1997/2)

    This paper describes the methods used to classify the OECD countries' industrial sectors and manufactures by level of technology, and presents the resulting classifications.

  • 1-November-1997

    English, , 388kb

    Internet Domain Name Allocation Policies (STI Digital Economy Paper 30)

    The Domain Name System (DNS) maps Internet addresses and is a necessary element enabling communication routing to function. While some may view the DNS as a narrow technical issue its implications for GII-GIS are extremely important.

  • 1-November-1997

    English, , 244kb

    Webcasting and Convergence: Policy Implications (STI Digital Economy Paper 31)

    Convergence between different telecommunication and broadcasting infrastructures and services is increasingly raising challenges for regulatory frameworks and may require adjustment in view of emerging services.

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