The STI e-Outlook and the STI Outlook were prepared under the guidance of the OECD Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP) with input from its Working Parties. CSTP delegates contributed significantly through their responses to the biennial STI Outlook policy questionnaire, their comments on the drafts and their guidance on overall development.


The STI e-Outlook has been designed by the Country Studies and Outlook Division (CSO) of the OECD DSTI Directorate and jointly developed with the Core Information Systems Division (CIS) of the OECD Information Technology and Network Services (ITN). Eric Anvar (CIS) and Dominique Guellec (CSO) initiated the project. Sandrine Kergroach and Samuel Pinto-Ribeiro served as overall co-ordinators.

The science and innovation policy database is being implemented by the CSO Division: Julien Chicot, Sandrine Kergroach, Inmaculada Perianez-Forte, Chiara Petroli and Tomomi Watanabe. Michael Keenan provides close cooperation and is ensuring consistency with the forthcoming OECD Innovation Policy Platform. Development and integration into the corporate Qualitative Data Dissemination application (QDD) has been done by the CIS Division: Karine Lepron, Sebastien Piton and Bruno Urban.

Statistical input has been prepared by Julien Chicot and Lihan Wei of the CSO Division. Susan Cartwright, Jens Dons and Samuel Pinto-Ribeiro of the CIS Division provided support for data and metadata integration into the OECD data portal (OECD.Stat).

Dynamic charts and animations have been developed by Yann Bicrel, Mehdi Hamri and Henri Kayali of the Infocube© company.

Development and integration into the web content management system, TerminalFour (T4), has been managed by the CIS Division: Wissam Boulos, Chris Daniel, Douglas Paterson and Nicolas Vahlas.

Web editing has been done by the Communication unit of the OECD DSTI Directorate: Julia Gregory, Andrew Kessinger, Joseph Loux, Karine Perset and Elodie Pierre.

Thanks to Toby Green and Janine Treves of the Publishing Division (PUB) and Sandrine Abrazian and Cynthia Coutu of the Media Division (COM) of the OECD Public Affairs and Communications Directorate for their useful recommendations.


The 2012 STI Outlook has been a collective effort, the first ever on this scale, and took a horizontal approach, co-ordinated by the Country Studies and Outlook Division (CSO) of the OECD DSTI Directorate. It was produced under the guidance of Dominique Guellec. Sandrine Kergroach served as the overall co-ordinator.

The STI policy profiles were designed by Dominique Guellec and Sandrine Kergroach and were prepared by various members of the OECD DSTI Directorate: Mario Cervantes, Fernando Galindo-Rueda, Gili Greenberg, Dominique Guellec, Jin-Joo Ham, Claire Jolly, Michael Keenan, Sandrine Kergroach, Daniel Kupka, Vladimir Lopez-Bassols, Irene Martinsson, Inmaculada Perianez-Forte, Taylor Reynolds, Pierre-Alain Schieb, Barrie Stevens, Piotr Stryszowski, Robert Wells and Gang Zhang.

In addition, Lucia Cusmano, Sylvain Giguere, Marco Marchese and Jonathan Potter of the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development (CFE), Francesco Avvisati, Gwénaël Jacotin, Kiira Karkkainen, Stephan Vincent-Lancrin of the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) and Marco Daglio and Hannah Kitchen of the OECD Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate (GOV) prepared STI policy profiles on their respective areas of expertise.

Further comments were provided by Dirk Pilat and Karen Wilson on areas related to the programme of work of the Committee on Industry, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE).

The STI country profiles were designed by Dominique Guellec and Sandrine Kergroach and were prepared by the CSO Division of the OECD DSTI Directorate: Mario Cervantes, Julien Chicot, Ali Eser, Dominique Guellec, Gernot Hutschenreiter, Nils de Jager, Michael Keenan, Sandrine Kergroach, Caroline Paunov, Inmaculada Perianez-Forte and Gang Zhang. Special input was offered by Daniel Malkin. Koen de Backer, Ester Basri, Yuko Harayama and Andrew Wyckoff provided comments.

Frédéric Bourassa, Hélène Dernis, Isabelle Desnoyers-James, Fernando Galindo-Rueda, Pedro Herrera-Gimenez, Elif Koksal-Oudot, Guillaume Kpodar, Vladimir Lopez-Bassols, Valentine Millot, Mariagrazia Squicciarini and Fabien Verger provided statistical input.

Julien Chicot, Carlos Guerrero, Nikhil Mandrekar, Ewelina Marek and Lucero Perez provided research assistance to prepare the STI Outlook policy questionnaire. Julien Vavasseur provided IT support. Beatrice Jeffries and Sophie O’Gorman provided secretarial support and Joseph Loux supervised the publication process.


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