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OECD news on innovation, science, technology and industry: November 2013




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November 2013

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Recent releases

OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2013: Innovation for Growth‌ 

On 23 October we launched the OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2013 (see news release). The STI Scoreboard helps governments design more effective and efficient policies and monitor progress towards their desired goals.

This year the Scoreboard includes 260 indicators that show how OECD and partner economies are performing in a wide range of areas. The charts and underlying data are available for download, and for the first time selected indicators contain additional data expanding the time and country coverage of the print edition.

Based on this work, we released a policy brief that outlines the role of young firms, knowledge-intensive services and global value chains to promoting employment growth through structural reform. We also released a brief highlighting new OECD data on the mobility of researchers through changes in the affiliation of their publications in scholarly journals. This brief also looks at the impact of this mobility on the quality of research and at the interconnectedness of this mobile network. Finally, a number of country notes were prepared on the basis of the Scoreboard and more will be posted in the coming weeks.

OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Colombia - Overall Assessment and Recommendations‌‌ 


On 25 October we released the Overall Assessment and Recommendations of the OECD Review of Innovation Policy for Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia. The recommendations highlight that innovation is essential to making Colombia’s economic and social development more sustainable. Main findings show that Colombia has a window of opportunity to diversify its commodities-driven economy, boost productivity in agriculture, manufacturing and services, and help companies better compete in the global economy through innovation. In particular, Colombia must raise the level of business innovation, requiring substantial investments in human capital.

Policies for Seed and Early Finance (25 October 2013). This report highlights the growth in support for financial instruments for seed and early stage firms across OECD member countries, including grants, loans and guarantee schemes, tax incentives and equity funds. This increased support is linked to the recent financial crisis and the growing concern about young firms’ access to finance. The paper notes that framework conditions play an important role in access to finance and must be taken into consideration as a significant part of the policy mix. Demand-side policies to develop entrepreneurial and investment talent and networks are also critical. The paper also outlines the role of evaluation and the need to better link policy objectives and outcomes.
Policies for Bioplastics in the Context of a Bioeconomy (28 October 2013). This paper explores the development of the bioplastics sector and its role in national bioeconomy strategies. It finds that bioplastics are at a disadvantage compared to some other bio-based products, notably biofuels, that often benefit from preferential treatment. It also notes that greater efforts are needed at the international level in terms of standards to avoid creating barriers to international trade in bio-based products.

Recent events

Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy(Istanbul, Turkey, 22-23 October 2013)

This conference, hosted by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey, brought together over 500 policy makers, innovation stakeholders and experts from across the globe to discuss longer-term trends that have been affecting innovation policies as well as future policy trends for science and innovation. The conference was opened by Mr. Nihat Ergün, Minister for Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey and Mr. Yves Leterme, OECD Deputy Secretary-General. Panellists from a number of OECD and partner countries discussed the importance of monitoring innovation policies, the concept of open science, new approaches to promoting excellence in research, technology foresight, and the future of science and innovation policies. The next Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy will take place in the autumn of 2014 in Japan. 

Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy 2013, Istanbul, Turkey



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