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OECD news on innovation, science, technology and industry: March 2014



OECD news on innovation, science, technology and industry

March 2014

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Latest news

OECD Secretary-General joins Global Commission on Internet Governance

Secretary-General Angel Gurría has become a Commissioner of this two-year initiative to encourage globally inclusive public discussions and debates on the future of Internet governance. It aims to advance a strategic vision for the future of Internet governance that envisages a free, open and unified Internet as a means to supporting needed economic growth.  Press release

Global Commission on Internet Governance

Recent releases

‌‌Promoting Research Excellence - New Approaches to Funding

Promoting Research Excellence: New Approaches to Funding (27 February 2014)

New evidence presented in this book on how research excellence initiatives (REIs) work and the characteristics of institutions that host centres of excellence (CoEs) can help to inform discussions on future government policy directions. Findings show some of the benefits to be gained through REIs, such as how researcher mobility (both within national boundaries and abroad), is essential for scientific discovery and increasing productivity. REIs make it easier for CoEs to attract top scientists and foreign talent, and the intake of foreign researchers also ultimately helps to form the long-run linkages that foster innovation and knowledge creation at international level.

International Cables, Gateways, Backhaul and IXPs (Digital Economy Paper, 8 February 2014)

This report discusses the networks that connect cities, regions, countries and continents. It finds that while competition has created tightly interconnected networks in many OECD countries, lack of competition has left many developing countries with limited networks. Local competition is necessary for Internet traffic to develop locally. Newly collected statistics also show that on average, while 72% of the most popular sites belonging to OECD countries are hosted in the country, in Greece (19%), Mexico (22%) and Canada (45%) the share is significantly less, which indicates that traffic needs to be routed abroad and back. Further econometric analysis finds that for middle-income countries (mostly non-OECD) this rate is correlated with the quality of the electricity supply and ease of doing business in the country.

‌Intelligent Demand: Policy Rationale, Design and Potential Benefits (STI Policy Paper, 14 February 2014)

Policy interest in demand-side initiatives has grown in recent years. This may reflect an expectation that STI demand-side policy could be particularly effective in steering innovation to meet societal needs. In addition, owing to constrained public finances in most OECD countries, the possibility that demand-side policies might be less expensive than direct support measures is attractive. Interest may also reflect some degree of disappointment with the outcomes of traditional supply-side measures. This paper reviews demand-side innovation policies, their rationales and importance across countries, different approaches to their design, the challenges entailed in their implementation and evaluation, and good practices.

Upcoming event

Symposium on Innovation for Inclusive Growth

Symposium on Innovation and Inclusive Growth (Paris, 20-21 March 2014)

Key policy questions to be addressed at this joint event of the OECD and the Growth Dialogue include:
• What are the impacts of innovation and innovation policy on industrial, social and territorial inclusiveness?
• How can inclusive innovation initiatives be expanded to improve welfare and facilitate the democratisation of innovation?
• What are key implications for policy? What can be done to support the successful implementation of novel approaches to policy to effectively support inclusive growth?



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