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‌January 2013

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Measuring Trade in Value-Added, 16 January 2013 — The OECD and the World Trade Organisation are launching a new database to measure trade flows related to the value-added by a country (labour compensation, taxes and profits) in the production of any exported good or service, rather than just gross trade flows. The OECD Secretary General, WTO Director General, EU Trade Commissioner and New Zealand's Trade Minister will discuss global value chains.

Maximising the Benefits of Knowledge-Based Capital, 13-14 February 2013 — Investment and growth in OECD economies is increasingly driven by knowledge-based capital (KBC) such as data, software, new business models and designs. To promote long-term growth and the jobs of tomorrow, governments must ensure that framework conditions and institutions encourage and enable business investment in KBC.

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Recently released

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Improving the Evidence Base for Information Security and Privacy Policies, December 2012 — This report explores the opportunities and challenges related to measuring information security, privacy and the protection of children online.

Key biotechnology indicators update, December 2012 — This statistics release includes 12 biotechnology indicators related to firms, R&D, public-sector R&D, biotechnology applications, and patents.

The Development and Diffusion of Digital Content, December 2012 — Viewers are watching a growing share of video via Internet-based distribution systems. This report explores the impacts of this trend on established media industries and network service providers and on public policy in the media and telecommunications sectors.

Mixed Modes of Innovation - An Empiric Approach to Capturing Firms' Innovation Behaviour, December 2012 — This working paper identifies five types of innovation used by firms, and explores their link with productivity and country-specific sectoral innovation orientations.

Transferable Skills Training for Researchers, December 2012 — Researchers are embarking on increasingly diverse careers where skills like collaboration, networking and interdisciplinarity are becoming more important. This publication analyses various governmental initiatives to promote formal training in these transferable skills.

Cybersecurity Policy Making at a Turning Point, November 2012 — This report compares national cybersecurity strategies in OECD countries, focusing on security as a driver for economic prosperity and social development. Its conclusions will feed the multi-stakeholder consultation for the review of the OECD 2002 Security Guidelines.

OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Sweden, November 2012 — This report reviews the overall innovation performance of Sweden, one of the most innovative countries in the world and one whose high performance enables the "Swedish model" of the welfare state. It provides concrete recommendations as to where government should focus to further improve the country’s innovation capabilities.

 Recent events

The Future of Shipbuilding, 29 November 2012 — Participants discussed key trends and challenges facing the shipbuilding industry, as well as some current strategies to support industry competitiveness. They reflected on future possible directions for government policy on shipbuilding.

Patent Statistics for Decision Makers, 28-29 November 2012 — Speakers including OECD's Deputy Secretary General Richard Boucher, WIPO's Director General Francis Gurry, EPO's President Benoît Battistelli and Brazilian INPI's President Avilà, discussed the role of intellectual property rights in fostering innovation and economic growth. Webcast

Knowledge Networks and Markets (KNMs), 26-27 November 2012 — Over 130 participants discussed the role that KNMs play in bringing innovation to the market. Topics included the emergence of open source communities and crowd-sourcing platforms, the rise of IP aggregators, and the use of KNM-based instruments to facilitate innovation for societal goals. Webcast

Innovation for Inclusive Development, 21 November 2012 — Stakeholders and experts met in South Africa to consider the role of innovation in inclusive growth and social development, as well as to start building a network of stakeholders interested in contributing to the forthcoming OECD Project on Knowledge and Innovation for Inclusive Development.

Patent Statistics for Decision Makers (PSDM) 2012‌‌ 

Global Forum on Biotechnology, 12 November 2012 — From breakthroughs in cloning to the mapping of the human genome, advances in the life sciences spawn new and emerging disciplines. Yet recent progress has arguably fallen behind expectations. Participants discussed whether developments in the life sciences still align with the promises envisaged 20-30 years ago.



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