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February 2013

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Maximising the Benefits of Knowledge-Based Capital, 13-14 February 2013 —
Businesses in several OECD economies now invest more in knowledge-based capital (data, software, new business models, design, etc.) than in physical capital and these investments are key to productivity and innovation. The OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria, government officials and business leaders will discuss policies to best leverage knowledge-based capital for long-term growth. The conference will be webcast live at this link.

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Recently released

Empowering and Protecting Consumers in the Internet Economy, 8 February 2013 — This report shows that despite the financial crisis, business-to-consumer e-commerce has grown steadily across the OECD, spurred by the spread of mobile devices, easy-to-use payment mechanisms and participative web tools such as price comparisons or consumer ratings. Trust in e-commerce, however, remains challenged by issues including complex information disclosures, legislative gaps, misleading practices, privacy threats and inadequate redress mechanisms.

OECD Broadband Portal, 7 February 2013 — The OECD has just released a data update on broadband penetration rates. As of June 2012, mobile broadband subscriptions have reached nearly 700 million in OECD countries. Switzerland and Korea continue to top the OECD ranking for fixed and wireless broadband respectively.

Main Science and Technology Indicators, 18 January 2013 — The latest MSTI update indicates that the modest recovery initiated in 2010 in terms of gross expenditures on R&D continued into 2011. Preliminary estimates for 2011 show an overall increase of 1.8% in gross expenditures on R&D from 2010, with sustained growth in research in higher education, a slowdown in government R&D and a gradual recovery in business sector R&D.

Building Blocks for Smart Networks, 17 January 2013 — This report examines the development of smart networks and services with particular attention to the implications for communication policy and regulation. Smart networks result from the confluence of three trends — machine-to-machine communication, cloud computing and big data — and are expected to have a significant impact on both the economy and society.

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Trade in Value-Added Database, 16 January 2013 — This landmark database presents indicators for 40 countries covering the years 2005, 2008 and 2009 and broken down by 18 industries. A joint project of the OECD and WTO, the new TiVA database traces the origins of value-added in global production by country and industry. Explore the data or read the country notes.

Mapping Careers and Mobility of Doctorate Holders, 10 January 2013 — This paper presents the third edition of a set of technical guidelines to develop internationally comparable indicators on the labour market, career path and mobility of doctorate holders. It is part of the Careers of Doctorate Holders (CDH) project, a collaboration with the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and Eurostat.

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Measuring Trade in Value Added,16 January 2013 — The OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria and WTO Director General Pascal Lamy launched the new OECD/WTO Trade in Value-Added Database. Together with EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht and New Zealand’s Trade Minister Tim Groser, they emphasised the importance and wide policy ramifications of viewing international trade in value-added terms to better understand trade's impact. For example, in value-added terms: the US deficit with China is 25% smaller than previously estimated; over 50% of the value-added in OECD countries’ exports comes from services, and one-third of intermediate imports are for the export market. Watch the webcast.



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