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OECD news on innovation, science, technology and industry: April 2013



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April 2013

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Upcoming events

Launch of Scientific Collections International, 16 April 2013 — Scientific collections constitute the fundamental research infrastructure in many disciplines, including anthropology, archaeology, biodiversity, biomedicine, earth and planetary sciences and technology. Scientific Collections International (SciColl) is a new international network devoted to promoting interdisciplinary research that relies on scientific collections. At the next meeting of the OECD Global Science Forum, SciColl members plan to sign a memorandum of understanding to signify their commitment to international co-ordination and collaboration among scientific collections. 


Creating Markets from Research Results, 6-7 May 2013 — Effective management of intellectual property (IP) is key for enhancing the application of knowledge generated by academic research. This conference, co-organised with the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM), will help identify adequate IP strategies and policy support for universities and public research organisations to foster the transfer, exploitation and commercialisation of knowledge. 


OECD Forum, 28-29 May 2013 — The OECD Forum is an annual international summit where leaders from government, business, trade, civil society and academia gather to debate the most pressing social and economic issues facing society. Major topics will include the role of global value chains and knowledge-based capital in driving economic growth.



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Recent releases

Beyond Industrial Policy: Emerging Issues and New Trends, 5 April 2013 — This report proposes a new typology of industrial policy to parallel the evolution of policy interventions. These have moved from product market interventions (production subsidies, state ownership, tariff protection), through market failure-correcting taxes and subsidies (R&D incentives, training subsidies, investment allowances, access to finance) to a new focus on interventions that help build systems, create networks, develop institutions and align strategic priorities. 

Exploring the Economics of Personal Data, 4 April 2013 — Personal data is creating economic and social value at an increasing pace, but estimating its actual monetary value is difficult. This report looks at a range of measurement and estimation techniques and identifies the main benefits and drawbacks of each approach. 


What Drives the Dynamics of Business Growth?, 4 April 2013 — Using unique data for ten countries, this report sheds light on the factors that shape the distribution of firm growth and on what role policies play in driving cross-country differences. It provides new evidence on the link of labour market regulation, bankruptcy legislation, financial market development and R&D support policies with growth dynamics. 


New Data for Understanding the Human Condition: International Perspectives, 18 March 2013 — Data-driven and evidence-based research is fundamental to understanding and responding to global challenges. This report reviews developments in international data availability, considers their suitability for comparative research, details the challenges to be addressed, and makes recommendations to respond to these new opportunities. 


Protecting and Empowering Consumers in the Purchase of Digital Content Products, 18 March 2013 — An expanding number of digital content products can be downloaded, streamed or accessed through Internet Protocol (IP) TV through a range of channels including online retail platforms and social media. While consumer demand for these products has increased rapidly in recent years, a number of challenges must still be addressed to increase confidence in the market, such as providing adequate disclosure on product usage or interoperability limitations and rules on the collection, usage and sharing of data provided by consumers.

 Recent events

Workshop on Smart Specialisation, 3-5 April 2013 — Nearly 200 policy experts from over fifteen countries met in Gwangju, Korea, to discuss smart specialisation policies to enable the exploitation of economies of scale and differentiation for economic growth. The event was co-organised by the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, the Gwangju Technopark and Gwangju City and managed by the Science and Technology Policy Institute of Korea (STEPI). 


Workshop on Global Value Chains, Development and Competitiveness, 19 March 2013 — This workshop, jointly organised with the OECD Development Centre and the Korean Development Institute, offered a forum for countries to assess, design and implement policies to enhance development and competitiveness through integration into global value chains (GVCs). GVCs refer to the organisation of international production, trade and investments whereby different stages in the production process are located across different economies. Read the discussion paper and concept note.




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