30 March 2017
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Release of OECD STI e-Outlook

The OECD's 2016 Science, Technology and Innovation Outlook was released recently. This is an interactive web-based portal that provides you with the latest information and indicators, and examines country performances in science and innovation along with the most recent national innovation policy developments.

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Documents and Data
Release of OECD R&D tax incentives country profiles

R&D tax incentives are amongst the most important policy instruments to support business innovation. With the support of Horizon 2020, these country profiles of R&D tax incentives draw on the OECD's special expertise to cover: the mix of direct funding and tax relief efforts; trends in government support for business R&D; main features of national R&D tax support schemes; and indicators on the expected generosity of R&D tax support…

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Main Science and Technology Indicators (MSTI) volume 2016 issue 2

The MSTI indicators provide the timeliest available picture of key trends in science and technology for the entire OECD area and partner economies including China, Russian Federation, South Africa and Chinese Taipei. The indicators cover data on resources devoted to research and development, patent families, technology balance of payments and international trade in R&D-intensive industries.

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OECD Steel Committee says persistently high excess capacity threatens recovery

There are signs of a modest return to growth in global steel demand and production and a price recovery from the lows of 2015, yet these trends could turn out to be temporary, the OECD Steel Committee said after its meeting of 23-24 March. The Committee also expressed concerns about mounting trade frictions and stressed that steel markets should remain as open and free of distortion as possible. 

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Blog and media
The best vs the rest: The global productivity slowdown hides an increasing performance gap across firms 
Even before the Global Crisis, productivity growth had slowed in many OECD countries. Using a cross-country firm-level database for 24 countries, the OECD revealed an increasing productivity gap between the global frontier and laggard firms, fewer exits by weak firms, and a decline in entry...

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The Next Production Revolution: Making the Digital Transformation Work for Spain

Dirk Pilat, Deputy Director of the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, spoke at the Ramón Areces Foundation about the Next Production Revolution and making the digital transformation work for Spain.

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Duration: 18 minutes

SAP Demain Le Monde - Nouvelles technologies : quels enjeux pour l'humain ? (en Français)

Brigitte Acoca, consumer policy analyst and lawyer at the OECD, spoke to SAP Demain Le Monde about the impact of new technologies on people and what's ahead.

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Duration: 6 minutes
You might have missed it!

Conference on the knowledge base for research and innovation policy

On March 2, Andrew Wyckoff, Director for Science, Technology and Innovation at the OECD, presented the OECD’s analysis of what future research and innovation policy will look like. A number of foresight analyses conducted in a Norwegian and Nordic context were also presented.

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Making Innovation Benefit All: Policies for Inclusive Growth

Countries are developing strategies to promote "territorial inclusiveness" to tackle the uneven distribution of innovation activities across regions. 
The Report  asks whether governments are succeeding and, together with the Policy Toolkit, provides ideas to help drive successful change.

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Making innovation benefit all: Policies for inclusive growth

On March 7, Caroline Paunov, Senior Economist at the OECD, gave a presentation at the MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative (IPRI) on the impacts of innovation and the emerging digital economy on inclusive growth, and how innovation policies can support inclusive growth agendas.

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