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22 March 2018
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Our latest releases
Empowering women in the digital age: Where do we stand? 

New digital tools are empowering, and can serve to support a new source of inclusive global economic growth. To seize this opportunity it is essential that no one, and especially no woman, is held back in trying to achieve their aspirations. Now is the time to ensure the digital transformation represents a leapfrog opportunity for women and a chance to build a more inclusive digital world. This brochure, prepared with the support of the Australian Government and launched in New York at the margin of the 62nd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, presents preliminary analysis and experimental indicators to help broaden the evidence base.
Main science and technology indicators update

The latest OECD data on R&D for 2016 show China on course to match OECD average R&D intensity by 2020. Find out more and download highlights from the recent update.
Measuring tax support for R&D and innovation 

In 2017, 30 out of 35 OECD member countries and a number of other major economies gave preferential tax treatment to R&D. See our newly updated R&D tax incentive profiles available for 25 countries as well as the latest indicators and information on the cost, design and scope of R&D tax incentives.
Industrial robotics and the global organisation of production

Increased robot use, fuelled by price declines and the increased dexterity of these machines, is expected to affect existing/future production technologies and the organisation of production within global value chains. As many economies are implementing policies to support use of industrial robotics, this new working paper investigates how production may be affected via changes in offshoring and backshoring.
The OECD is proud to have become a global partner of the @equals initiative to help bridge the digital gender divide.
Peer Review of the Finnish Shipbuilding industry
The OECD Steel Committee convened in Paris on 5-6 March.
In case you missed it
15 March was World Consumer Rights day. See the latest OECD work on consumer policy in the context of #GoingDigital, including findings of a survey of 10,000 consumers on trust peer platform markets.
What are the recent policy and technology approaches to bridging the digital divide in rural and remote areas? Read up on challenges, new developments and country experiences in our latest digital economy papers.

See also: OECD Going Digital project
Our latest STI policy papers cover diverse aspects of science including open research, digital platforms, international research data networks, business models for sustainable research data repositories, neurotechnology and marine biotechnology.
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