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27 July 2017
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New OECD broadband statistics show mobile broadband penetration at 99% in OECD area

High-speed Internet use continues to grow in OECD countries with mobile broadband penetration reaching 99 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants in December 2016, up from 91 per 100 inhabitants a year earlier. The addition of 113 million new mobile broadband subscriptions made a year-on-year rise of 9.8%, driven by continued growth in the use of smartphone and tablets. Eleven countries – Japan, Finland, Australia, the US, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Korea, Iceland, New Zealand and Ireland – now lie above the 100% penetration threshold, up from nine countries a year ago.

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New releases
Going digital: The future of work for women

Will the digital transformation benefit men more than women? Or will it be a powerful tool to close the gender divide? The issue is a critical one for countries seeking inclusive growth. 

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Austria's digital transition - the diffusion challenge

Austria is in the midst of a remarkable economic upturn, featuring high levels of well-being and cohesion. But to stay on this strong path, Austria needs to do more to ensure all Austrians can seize the benefits of the digital transformation. 

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The future of global value chains

This paper simulates how production and trade in GVCs might look in 2030 under different possible scenarios. It suggests digitalisation is likely to be the biggest game-changer.

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OECD Review of Innovation Policy in Kazakhstan

The Kazakhstan government has made a concerted effort to increase R&D activity and launched major reforms, strategies and programmes to boost science & technology. Yet the goal of greater innovation and value creation has not yet been fully realised.

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G20 Leaders' Summit, Hamburg 7-8 July 2017

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría delivered remarks on the benefits and challenges of digitalisation, arguing that bridging digital divides must be placed at the centre of the agenda.

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Blogs / Opinion
Productive firms (and their employees) pull away from the pack

The corporate landscape has become increasingly unequal, with the most productive firms thriving and the least productive ones failing to keep up. This matters not just for economic growth but also for inequality. This article in the Harvard Business Review describes research showing that as they grow apart in productivity, firms are also becoming more unequal in how much they pay workers. 

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Shaping better policies for better lives: OECD Forum Network 

The 2017 OECD Forum may have finished but the conversation on how to bridge divides continues. This community platform brings together commentary, videos and data, contributed by thought-leaders and experts, on an OECD-hosted hub for discussion and listening. Check it out, and join in the conversation on inclusive growth, digitalisation and trust today!

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Sweden has 88 M2M SIM cards per 100 inhabitants, much higher than most OECD countries.

Source: OECD broadband statistics

Can digital businesses help level the playing field for women and men?

Check out the Future of Business survey

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